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Hi, this is Wolfie71

Usually installing mods randomly,
And also playing randomly.
Love games, manga, and everything Japanese. Basically a nerd.

Recently helping doc and the circle to do screenarcher. So you might find my name often in the images area



Some Tips For Screenarchery :

  • When positioning the object for screenshot, always use rule of third as an indicator. (This is used in nearly everything, art, movies, etc)
  • Just like in photography, to have a good image we need the object to be properly lighted. So always have one source of light in front of the object. Dont ever capture object which isnt properly lighted.
  • To add more immersion, we can add some ambient light behind the object (usually i drop torch), or have some minor light object behind like candles.
  • The image must have a focal point (thing that attract humans eye unconciously), We can do it either by using human face, bright light, red lipstick etc. Use your creativity :happy:

This four for me are the basic foundation to have a good screenshots. Hope it helps, have a good day.