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      I am a time traveler who has visited many parallel universes. You might have seen me in various forms 

     as I can shape shift into any thing I touch. Unlike other shape  shifters, I can form complex shapes with moving parts, which is very handy for the exciting but dangerous world of interstellar space travel.  


       I am also capable at moving three times faster than the speed of light, so I am always early for any appointments that are on my hectic but rewarding schedule and I can stay up way past midnight if the need for that arises. I have often been confused for a tall and gaunt person with a fair but firm disposition, but I really am just an person of average height  who has a genuine need for alcohol based beverages on a daily basis. 


On a more serious note, I have owned more than one cigarette lighter in my short but intriguing lifespan, but never really had much use for them, much like a goat really has no need for the internet. 


Some of my favorite hobbies include.........................., well I will  let you be the judge of that, for I am not really sure if impersonating a coffee table in a in-disclosed location or trying to prove there are more than sixty seconds in a minute, can be classified as hobbies. 


Once upon a time, oh it seems like ages ago now, more time than I care to remember, I saw a penguin and I must say he wore a fine suit and had a very nice gold pocket watch. But on saying that, he walked with a peculiar limp, almost as if he had a bad knee.



  Well I think you all have got to know me well enough now, so I would like to tell you about the time that I ....., on second thought it is probably way to late to tell you all about that right now, I do say so myself.



So here are some images of my favorite character from my favorite game, the one and only Lucinda from Skyrim. Thanks for dropping by and see you around the Nexus!!!!!! 

















 "Never take life to seriously"






This is Michelle, My fallout 4 character









On a more serious tone, I have a certificate three in plastic engineering,

injection molding, die trialing, trouble shooting and have worked in many Injection molding

companies in Adelaide Australia. I am also certified in First Aid.

I play bass guitar, and have been in two successful Adelaide bands,

one being a Pink Floyd tribute band and the other a funk grudge band

covering material from Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers,

Foo Fighters, Green Day and other 90's artists


I live in Adelaide South Australia and 

I love a good Saturday BBQ with good friends, plenty of ice cold

beer and enjoy life to the fullest. 














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