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New Riften watchtower, where you can serve your Jarl, and do your guard duty. Works as a player home.

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Do you always wanted a watchtower? Well, obviously, its not yours, everything is in the posession of the Jarl, but you still can get one...

I always found the lack of watchtowers in riften disturbing. On the road, there is 3 towers near eachother, but on the other roads, there is not even one.

I added a watchtower near Snow-Shod farm, but you only get the key, if you help the jarl of Riften. ( You need to start the quest "The Raid" the key will be next to the quest objective).

Also if you dont want to help the Jarl, there is a copy of the key somewhere. (Legends says, its in the watchtower's stable somewhere.)

You can find in the mod: There is 2 crafting station outside the tower, an anvil and a sharpening stone, but you can find a safe storage and a bed inside.

Ideal for guard, warrior, scout style characters.

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