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Distributes werewolves to the levelled lists and allows werebears to spawn in Skyrim.

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This mod grew from a number of factors. First off, the lore states that the werebear is supposed to be the most common lycanthrope in Skyrim, but even with Dragonborn adding them, they are nowhere to be seen. Second, werewolf spawns are incredibly rare, and many other mods that add werewolves don't make them as common as I think they should be. Third, I wanted to place enemies in a couple of areas that I felt should have them but don't, or where I felt werebeasts would be a more appropriate enemy.

This mod covers these factors: werewolves AND werebears have been added to the predator spawn levelled lists (there are two werebear entries for every werewolf entry), and werebeasts have been placed in the openings of Forsaken Cave, Rebel's Cairn, and Pinemoon Cave.

Recommended Companion mods:
-More Werewolves, which adds random werewolf attacks to town a la Dawnguard's vampire attacks or the vanilla game's dragon attacks, and also hand places werewolves into the world, and which my mod was built to work with.
-More Bear-Like Werebears, which makes tweaks to the werebear's abilities to make them feel more unique; in the vanilla game, they are basically reskinned werewolves.