Legend of the Eagles Nest SSE by Flaho Shi and Draco1122
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Important News
Reports should be fixed now. Special thank to Skyrimknight22 for his help in testing and nakednohman for finding out what was causing npc crash.


Name: Legend of the Eagles Nest
Version: 1.05dSE Main Normal Version
Version Two: 1.05dGSSE General stores Edition
Converted on Date: 05/19/2017
Category: Abodes - Player homes
Author: Flaho Shi
Converted for SSE by Draco1122
Language: English available
General Stores add-on under Optional.

SSE Convert Notes.
Sorry, it took so long to convert I received permission awhile back just never got around to converting. If you experience any bugs please report under bugs so I can fix. Hope you all enjoy. I ran through creation kit 2.0 and converted nif's using SSE Nif Optimizer. Then redid facegen data and packed zip. Everything looked good in quick run through in general store version. So let me know if you find anything in original version.

Important Info.
Update 1.5eSE Skyrimknight22 tested with a quick run through of Riverwood no crash for him when talking to npc's. So if you experience a crash let me know.  Also, try moving to bottom of load order. Again, please report your results so I know what is happening. Should also be compatible with JK Riverwood now. May now work with Tumblestone Cottage and Riverwood Hunter's Cabin.

Updating Instructions.
New 1.5fSE and 1.5fGSSE Updates. Shouldn't affect anything in game when updating but to be safe as always. Load a save check everything before continuing that save. All I did was rename cells in creation kit. To prevent saving issues in SSE. As reported in comments about possible issues. Article found here. Reddit Post
When upgrading normal edition too 1.5cSE please remove items from containers in player home to be safe.
General stores edition should not require anything special to update as long as generalstores.esm remains active.

Permission Quote

"Hi draco1122 It's a pity, but i don't have any time at the moment for a SE edition. So if you do one which works fine feel free to do it. I would prefer if there aren't that big other changes and you may name the original one for the people without the SE. Greetings, flaho shi"

As requested I will only be doing bug fixes on mod no major changes.

Old mod page Description (Edited with corrections). Original Mod Page
Eagles Nest is a lore friendly fortress, with passion for detail. It is located on the summit of a mountain between Riverwood and Whiterun. The fortress is rather small, but the design offers everything you need. During a short quest you have to rebuild/upgrade the fortress (also includes a special forge and alchemy burner) and also hire a steward and a guard (you can also equip them after the quest).

Short Facts:
- Great location
- Passion for detail
- Wonderful atmosphere
- Guard and Steward (Merchant)
- Equip the Guard and Steward
- Short Quest
- Special forge and alchemy burner (fortify smiting / fortify alchemy)
- Complete nav meshes

The fortress is located on the summit of a mountain between Riverwood and Whiterun.

If you don't like the location - Here, I describe why I chose it. 

The Eagle’s Nest is an old, forgotten fortress high in the Sky. You have to complete a quest to returning the former glory of the fortress. After that, you have a atmospheric home to live with the following features:

- Exterior areas:

1. Courtyard with an old well (which is a secret passage), a bench and a training dummy.
2. Southeast place with some benches, a stair to the forge area and may best feature a great view
3. Northeast place with chopping block, more benches and also a great view
4. Forge area downstairs with the crafting utilities, some mannequins and weapon racks

There is also the special forge located. You can heat up the forge with coal or firesalts:
10 piece of coal – fortify smiting 14% for 60sec.
01 firesalt – fortify smiting 24% for 60sec.

5. South tower
6. East tower
7. Exit of the secret passage with the horsemarker for your horse

- Interior areas:
A. Eagle’s Nest (no reset zone / safe containers) 
Eagle’s Nest is the main building of the fortress. It is the area for the player to live. There is an office, a living room, a bar, a kitchen, a dining area and a bedroom. There are also two mannequins and a lot of weapon racks and also a secret safe.

B. Alchemy tower (no reset zone / safe containers) 
The Tower contains a small alchemy area. But it has enough containers to store your ingredients. 

There is also the special alchemy burner located. You can heat up the burner with coal or firesalts:
10 piece of coal – fortify alchemy 14% for 60sec.
01 firesalt – fortify alchemy 24% for 60sec.

C. Stable (no reset zone / safe containers) 
In the stables live the animals (cow, goat, chickens), the NPCs and there is also a free bet for a follower.

D. Stonetree/Mine (reset zone / not safe containers!) 
Stontree is a mine with different types of ore. But attention, the containers there aren’t safe. The area is set as a reset zone because the ore has to respawn.

Quest and NPCs 
You have to complete a quest. 

1. Find the dead eagle , take the book “Legend of the Eagles Nest” AND don’t forget to take the key
2. Read the book (the quest starts by reading the book), use the information and find the fortress
3. Buy furniture in Riverwood (about 7000 gold)
4. Find a steward (also in Riverwood)
5. Find a guard (also in Riverwood, about 1400 gold))
6. Buy some livestock (also in Riverwood, about 1000 gold)
7. Find someone who rebuilt the secret Passage (also in Riverwood, about 700 gold)

If you have any problems to complete the quest let me know. 

- NPCs list:
(Name / function before completed quest / function after completed quest) 

Aldavinur Félagi / beggar in Riverwood / steward and merchant (during the day) with AI package (sweep, chopping wood…)
Oddur Húni / wounded warrior / guard with AI package (patrol, training, sleep…)
Aldavinur Félagi / sells furniture in Riverwood / same
Oddi Holdur / sells the livestock in Riverwood / same
Grasteinn Apall / miner, merchant (during the day) and helps you to rebuilt the secret passage / same

After completing the quest, you can equip your steward and guard. Talk to them and choose “I have some items for you”.

a. Use NMM to install
b. Manually install contents of archive in Skyrim/Data folder.

Following points are fixed with the SSE update:
- Added a SEQ file, so the dialogues should show up without save and load the save game.
- Fixed the "black face bug" (Note Load order affects this as well).
- Fixed some misspelling and translation errors.
- Updated in creation kit 2.0
- Cleaned with SSEdit and remove deleted nav mesh.
- Did a complete walk through on both versions.

To Upgrade:
(no ill affects on save games):
1. Make a Backup/clean save game (best at another location like Breezehome) 
 2. Uninstall the old mod.
3. Install the new mod.
4. Start Skyrim and play. 

There is no effect on saved games

Latest version of Skyrim
Doesn’t require any DLC 

The mod is compatible with Riverhelm and Jk Riverwood.
As well as, Castle Draco Riverwood Edition.

(Probably mods - especially player homes - which are located in the same area.)
Riverwood Real Forest 
Ebonvale patch may come to SSE. I do not have permission to port.

Known Issues or Bugs 
- First: If you have any problems, try to change load order
- I’m Swiss, so my English is not the best. If you find spelling mistakes please report them to me.
- Because of the high grade of detail, performance may suffer in the mod.
- During the quest, if dialogue doesn't show up (for example with Aldavinur Felagi / buy furniture) save and load the save game again. That should help. 
- Some of the weapon racks are designed for a “specific” type of weapon. 'If you place a bow in a rack designed for a dagger, it doesn't fit.
- Some weapon racks are also pretty small. I didn’t want to have the large, chunky weapon racks everywhere. The disadvantage of this is that sometimes it's difficult to take weapons out of the racks
- If you equip the guard or the merchant NPC, they will be set as player teammate. So if you draw your weapon, they will also draw their weapons. I don’t see that as a “bug”, I think it is even more atmospheric.
- Known “bugs” with moving mannequins, they could also undress the armor after some days, but they won’t lose it! The Armor is then in the inventory of the mannequins. Known skyrim bug.
- The steward and the furniture salesman look similar and have the same name. The quest will still work, but this makes for confusion. I'll fix that by the next "mini update" 
- If the livestock dosen't shows up in the Byre just save and load the save game. 
Fixed in general stores version also didn't hear in my play through of normal so maybe fixed let me know.- Some players have the sound of the wind also at other places like riverwood. The cause is still unclear.
For a temporary fix you can download the optional "flaho_shi_eagles_nest_wind_fix" file. This optional file place a silent *.wav file form the "ambr_wind_mountainheavy_lp.wav" to the following directory: "SteamsteamappscommonskyrimDataSoundfxambrwindmountainheavy" This File will overwrite the effect in the whole Skyrim. But If you delet the file out of the folder, or uninstall the mot with NMM everything is normal again. 
Fixed in SSE Version.- If you use BOSS you get this warning:
Warning: This file contains 1 deleted NavMesh record that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author. A guide to repairing NavMesh deletions with TES5Edit is located here.
I checked it, and there are two navmesh in Riverwood affected. It isn't a big problem but I'll fix that with the upcoming update. 

Atmosphere and video 
I tried to capture the atmosphere as good as I can with the Images. Unfortunately, I can’t make video because I haven’t got any programs for that. So, if someone would like to make a video that would be great. But the best way to feel the whole atmosphere of the mod you should download it and convince yourself ;)

Thanks to God
Thanks to Flaho Shi the original creator.
Thank to Skyrimknight22 for bug testing and helping with comments.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to RealitySpectre for the Mod resources
Thanks to Grantyboy050 for creating the LOD
Thanks to TESA for the Mod resources 
Thanks to Blary for the Mod resources 
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the Mod resources 
Thanks to Oaristys and Tony67 for the Mod resources 
Thanks to insane0hflex aka svaalbard for the great mod video
Thanks to Brodual for the great mod video
Thanks to obla for the Spanish translation
Thanks to DavorVideoBlast for the Italian translation
Thanks to ebrate for the Russian translation
Thanks to EldunariEmlyg for the German translation
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to the people, who made tutorials
Thanks to people who took time to report and test issues.
Thank you all for your patience's in fixing bugs.