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  • Master of Disguise v1.4 Patch Notes

    Next week, I plan to release Master of Disguise v1.4. In this update, you can expect the following changes.

    Upcoming Changes

    Added subtle visual feedback to indicate suspicion
    Added Nord race bonus to Werewolves disguise
    Added missing Ring of the Silver Hand to Silver Hand NPCs
    Added missing Shield flag to Redoran Guard's Shield
    Fixed issue where incorrect BSA flags could cause game to crash (workaround for game bug)
    Fixed issue where indirectly unequipping disguises could cause game to freeze (workaround for game bug)
    Optimized disguise activation
    Optimized disguise conflict detection

    Optimized disguise score calculation
    Optimized faction membership tracking

    Removed non-playable items from ...

  • Master of Disguise v1.3 Released

    Master of Disguise v1.3 is now available!

    What's New?

    The new update includes the following changes:

    Added support for SkyUI Mod Configuration Menu (requires SKSE and SkyUI)
    Added option to force vampire disguises to obey day/night cycle (enabled by default)
    Significantly improved performance and responsiveness of equipping and unequipping disguises
    Fixed issue where a player alias pointed to the wrong player address
    Forwarded faction relationship fix from Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
    Updated English translation for SkyUI Mod Configuration Menu


    If you are upgrading, I highly recommend you restart the core system quests. You can do this from the MCM.

    In th...