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NEW MOD BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! Player Home Tavern Music

Quite simply, this replaces all the background music in the taverns with "The Dragonborn Comes" by Malukah. Not the songs performed by the bards, but the wordless ambient background music that plays when the bards aren't.  I take absolutely no credit for this, all I did was convert the .mp3 of her song to the .wav format the Creation Kit uses and assign it to the right files in the .esp.

To see the song, go here.
Find Malukah's Facebook page here.
Regarding permissions, Malukah has given carte blanche permission for creators to use her music in their works. (She had given me explicit permission to create this mod, but I accidentally deleted the screenshot and I lost access to that Twitter account.)



If you don't use NMM or MO, just download manually, extract the archive with whatever unzipping tool you use (7zip, WinRar, etc.) and copy the enclosed files to Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data, overwrite anything it asks (it shouldn't, unless you've downloaded this mod before), then make sure you activate the mod in your load order.

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