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Unlimited Blade Works Special Edition
-Blade Works - Arrow Type
-Blade Works - Spell Type
-Unlimited Blade Works
-Rho Aias
-Nine Lives Blade Works

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
Unlimited Blade Works by elysees

4 kinds of magic will be added automatically they are
Blade Works - Arrow Type,
Blade Works - Spell Type,
Unlimited Blade Works,
Rho Aias

Blade Works
-Lesser Power
-Summoned blade count: 3~12 (Alteration Based)
-Damage : 5 + Alteration skill/5
-Require : Magicka 40 
-Auto targeting in the area (Default area radius is 2400)
(in UBW) blade count 16
(in UBW) Require : Magicka 0

Unlimited Blade Works
-Lesser Power
-Require : Magicka 40 *9
-Radius : 50 Area 
-Summoned blade count : Unlimited 
-Damage : 5 + Alteration skill/5

>>To use Unlimited Blades in his full capacity you need to say the nine sacred phrases and then you are going to be teleport to the Realm of the Unlimited Blades where you can fight again all the enemies your power trap in there (including dragons), once you kill everyone you can return to Tamriel victorious. This mod have 9 times of casting so you need to use the RB button 9 times (try to trap as many enemies as you can), once you cast the 9 phrase you and your enemies are going to be teleport to the Realm of the Unlimited Blades where they are going to be attack by a lot of swords (you can use all the powers you want in there) once you kill all the enemies just press RB again and return to Tamriel (the enemies return with you). This mod have two form the Blade Works cast swords and hit your enemy, can be found in the Powers section, and the Unlimited Blades (include male and female voice phrases) can be found in the Powers section too (the Unlimited Blades requires 40 of magicka for every casting time and the Blade Works require 40 of magicka to cast the swords).

Rho Aias
-7 Shield
>>The Seven Rings Shield is a ward that protect you from the enemy hits, but with every hit you are going to lose one ring, cost 24 of magic per 
second, can be found in the Alteration section.

Nine Lives Blade Works
-Equip Berserk AxeSword (You can find 'Berserk AxeSword' in UBW)
-Stamina Full 100% > Power Attack
-Damage : (30+(Alteration+Twohanded)/2) * 9HIT

::Edit Console Command::
` > Set ubwDamageRate to 1.0           //default value 1.0 (1.0=100%)
` > Set ubwMagicka to 40.0                //default value Magicka 40.0
` > Set ubwRadius to 2400                  //default value radius 2400
If you don't like Auto-targetting then (Set ubwRadius to 1)
` > Set ubwRealityMableOpen to 6.0   //default value 6 Second
Reality Mable Door Open Time Delay  6 Second

::CREDIT:: : Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
Berserk AxeSword : Skeleton K
Script Thanks : Xilver, 드와나이, 큐리스, Gorilla K, Undead
Special Thanks : 눈알동동, tmxj2002, 옹예, 멸성 & SolidSkorpio

*Feel free to use everything in this file.