Skyrim Special Edition
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Sparky88101 and Ray84

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This is the re-upload of Sparky88101's Mod for Oldrim.

Permissions and credits

This is the Official re-upload of 
Sparky88101's great Mod for the old Skyrim

I just saved the esp in the new CK and asked Sparky88101 for permission to re-upload it here.

--> If you like it, please Endorse the Increased Urn Loot Original ! <--


Skyrim has an absolutely unacceptable number of people who are buried with nothing. It's shameful really. You're out graverobbing, defiling the sanctity of these once dearly beloved Nord ancestors, and you rummage through their sacred ashes and find... nothing! Over and over and over again! What nerve they have! So you spit in the grey powder that was once someone's daughter or son and angrily waltz away to go disrespect another family.

If you're tired of desecrating graves for nothing, this is the mod for you! This mod assumes that most other people in Skyrim are either superstitious or just not depraved enough to go rummaging through burial urns. (That's right, I said it. You sick depraved freak.)


Vanilla Skyrim:
About 40% of urns never have loot
50% of the time ones that can have loot are empty anyways
Their gold maxes out at 9 gold pieces
You are always sad

Increased Urn Loot:
All urns have a chance (60% or 90%) for treasure in addition to a chance for potions
~3%-5% of urns now have a jackpot where you can get several hundred gold pieces
Some urns now have a small chance for enchanted necklaces and rings
You remember what it means to smile 


Compatible with almost everything. This loot list changed by this mod is not touched by other mods that add loot, such as LC Immersive Looting ( and should not cause any conflicts. You will find the loot added by this mod and any other loot mods, which can pile up quickly and that's awesome. If you find a conflict please let me know.

Version Differences:

The option file is a light version of the mod that adds less gold to fewer urns. You still have a small chance to find a lot of gold, but around half of the urns will remain empty. 

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Bethesda for Skyrim
Sparky88101 for permission to re-upload his highly underrated Mod
Weltcombi for the latest updates