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Enjoy a variety of new sandwiches to enjoy in your Skyrim adventures! Features sandwiches for almost all cooked meats available in the vanilla game! Distributes different types of sandwiches to the different innkeepers based on the meat availability in the hold!

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Sandwiches of Skyrim

Enjoy the new food craze that the residents of Skyrim are going crazy for! Enjoy a variety of different sandwiches you can craft and find at you local inn! The mod includes a custom icon (Thanks Jelidity) for Inventory Interface Information Injector users and built in support for Constructible Object Custom Keyword System! All Files are ESL-Flagged!

  • Three main types of sandwiches with different variations of for most types of meats!
  • Basic, Hearty, and Savory. Basic contains just the meat and bread, Hearty contains meat, bread, and cheese, and Savory contains everything plus lettuce and tomato!
  • You can craft them at a cooking pot with their respective ingredients and salt.
  • Savory Sandwiches will give a better buff than Hearty Sandwiches, and Hearty Sandwiches will give a better buff than Basic Sandwiches.
  • Secret recipe you can find for a special desert sandwich! Belongs to a very famous chef!
  • Here is a list of the different meats you can use for sandwiches!

  • Inns will also have different sandwiches available to be bought depending on the available meats in the area!
  • City inns (Winking Skeever, Moorside, Bannered Mare, Retching Netch, etc) will have the chance of having at most 3 Basic Sandwiches, 2 Hearty Sandwiches, and 1 Savory Sandwich
  • Town inns (Four Shields, Sleeping Giant, Old Hroldan, Nightgate Inn, etc) will have the chance of having at most 2 Basic Sandwiches and 1 Hearty Sandwich
  • Sandwiches in Inns:

Craftable Half Loafs and Cheese Wedges Optional File
I have included an optional file that lets you craft the half bread loafs and cheese wedges from the full bread loafs and cheese wheels. I believe CACO already has these recipes so if you use that or any other mod that adds recipes for them, you don't need this file!

CC Fishing
I plan on making an addon for Creation Club Fishing! Not sure when it will be out, but I do plan on working on it throughout next week!

I have included a patch for Gourmet
I also have container patches for Missing Food - Orgnar's Famous Skeever LiverMissing Food - Valga's Potage le Magnifique, and combo patches between both and Gourmet's container changes.
Also a patch for Snowberries by Mari to make the UV's match the edited texture.

If you're interested, follow me on!

Jelidity - For making the amazing sandwich icon!
Kadraeus - For letting me use their sweet roll mesh. I highly recommend their High Poly Sweet Rolls!
RaccoonDance - Helping with mesh stuff and testing
JetExe - Helping with collisions and testing
PaxiePop - Testing
RainstormWander - Testing