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KahvozeinsFang and CyniclyPink

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Helgen Rebuilt the way I would like to see it. Maybe you too.

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Helgen Rebuilt SE

Special thanks to CyniclyPink for testing and porting this mod to SSE. Without which this version would not have been possible.

There are incompatibilities with the previous versions of this mod, as I pretty much had to undo all the previous world space edits in order to get this version working properly.

It is my recommendation is to install after starting a new game. Or if you haven't had this mod installed before you should be good to go.

I know there are a lot of Helgen rebuilds out there, but they ALL change the way the city is supposed to look, 
That's not Helgen, and they should have just created a new town all together.
With this mod I plan on staying as close to the original town as I can. That being said, Some things will have to change, but, there will NOT be buildings that rival Whiterun or Solitude. There will NOT be 25 new plant species that were not native to the region, except The Apothecary garden. And there will NOT be a new Guard faction...
Helgen is in Falkreath Hold...
they have Falkreath Guards.

I've set up a few businesses like a Blacksmith, an Inn, General Goods store and an Apothecary, all in original buildings. I will be updating this mod when I have the time to work on it again. I had a lot planned and would stll like to do those things.

Install whenever you like, but NOT before Alduins attack on Helgen.

I've added a button that will turn the damage of Helgen back on. Its located on the East Gate. Just push it, leave the area (go to a different city or town), save and then uninstall the mod.

***Update logs:***
Version 2.1

1. NPC's have moved into empty house in Helgen.

2. Fixed a lot of navmesh, including around the apothecary.

3. Added a small stable near the western tower.

4. Removed main gates from Helgen. (They will return in another update)