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yn the Wood Elf

Version 2.0a, 2.0b & 2.0c

(Wyn's original look now standalone)

Version 2.0


Name: Wyn
Race: Wood Elf
Essential and Marriageable: Yes
Location: Graywinter Watch in Whiterun Hold (just below the Necromancer Stone)
Voice: Female sultry
Fighting style: Archery, magic, and one-handed
Equipment: Elven dagger, Elven Bow, Staff of Paralysis,  Forsworn armor

Wyn has lived her whole life in the forest, more at home there than in any city or town.  One fateful day she wanders into a unexplored cave, only to be confronted by two trolls... You'll find her in Graywinter Watch, and if you lend a hand she will gratefully join you on your adventures
Installation (if you don't already have Wyn installed)
  1. Download and install this mod via NMM and activate, or manually download and extract into your data folder

(if you already have Wyn installed/ upgrading)

  1. Dismiss Wyn as a follower (take any gear off her that you want to keep first), save then exit the game (ignore this step is Wyn is not currently a follower)
  2. Uninstalled Wyn, enter the game and save, exit
  3. Install the new version of Wyn, go into the game, she will be back at Graywinter Watch waiting for you

There are three versions of the main file.  Only install one main file
  1. 2.0 Standalone version alternative look for Wyn, requires no other files, some spriggan effects (floating leaves around her feet) and uses spriggan spells. 
  2. 2.0b Standalone version of Wyn's original look, contains all spriggan effects and spells, requires no other files.
  3. 2.0c Standalone version of Wyn's original look, contains no spriggan effects, but will use spriggan magic, requires no other files
Other Required mods
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team
(not required for version 2.0 or above)

NOTE : There are now patches under the optional files that remove the requirement for the unofficial patch for those who don't use it for versions earlier than 2.0.

Please note if using a version earlier than 2.0 then Wyn will use what ever body, texture and eye mods you have installed, and depending on what mods you have installed she could look quite different.  I am using UNP body and Demoniac female textures, and Improved Eyes Skyrim.

Recommend mods 
These mods aren't required but highly recommended
  • Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2Kby Regenbot03 (or another texture mod, with vanilla textures she will look pretty awful) . This is an oldrim mod but works fine as long as you don't select the teeth option (or run them through Nif optimizer first).  I am using RealGirls and non-glossy options in most of the screen shots.
  • Ethereal Elven overhaul (so that elves can look epic, but should not effect how Wyn looks)
  • Improved eyes Skyrim (prior to version 2.0 Wyn will use the default Wood Elf eyes so an eye re-placer like this one is highly recommended)
  • Seductive Lips HD SE Edition by EcthelionOtW
  • The Book of UUNP (used in some of the screen shots)

Wyn was made in collaboration with Nexus member 45tg67se, they came up with character concept, abilities, look and backstory.  Check out their amazing screen shots

I would love to see pictures of Wyn in your game, you can use the 'add' button above to upload your screenshots.

and Thanks

  • Bethesda for Skyrim
  • Nuska for the epic Ethereal Elves Overhaul, and for giving permission for their work to be used in follower mods
  • AngelTrump for patches which allow Ethereal Elves Overhaul to work in SSE
  • Kalilies Stealthic and Shockero for the amazing KS Hairdos, and for giving permission for their work to be used for follower mods
in addition to those listed above Credits for 2.0 standalone version
  • dimon99, vectorcide, Phygit for the sexyUNP body (meshes, textures, feet meshes respectively), and for giving permission for their work to be used in other mods
  • Regenbot03 for Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K and for giving permission for their work to be used in other mods
  • missjennabee and Nazenn for Improved Eyes Skyrim and for giving me permission to use their work in this mod
  • HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion and for giving permission for their work to be used in other mods

Main mods used in screen shots

  • Rudy ENB
  • Climates of Tamriel
  • Noble Skyrim
  • Verdant grass
  • SFO
  • Realistic Water Two

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs.

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