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Go through the five stages of grief alongside a warrior that has fallen and woke up in the Soul Cairn. Let him travel through his last memories to recover the truth about his death.

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You stand within the precincts of the Soul Cairn, an otherworldly refuge dedicated to peace, love, eternal rest and harmony.  - Ideal Master

This mod was reworked and is now part of a bigger mod called More to do in the Soul Cairn. Head there for the most recent and revoiced version of Grief!

Head to the Soul Cairn to find the soul of Angarion the Bold. He has arrived into the Soul Cairn but does not remember what happened to him. Fortunately for him, and for you, it seems that some shards of his memory have opened in the plane of Oblivion for you to explore the last places he's been to before having his soul taken away from his body.

This small, fully-voiced quest will quickly take Angarion through the supposed five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately acceptance. Help him out, and discover his tragic tale, as he understands that he will be stuck in the Soul Cairn forever.

  • How do I start the mod?
Head to the Soul Cairn and then, walk north-west until you find a man standing near gravestones, called Angarion the Bold. Talk to him and the quest will start.

  • Is the mod voiced?
Yes, it is!

  • Why did you make this mod?
This mod was created to be submitted to the Skyrim Mod Jam by the Skyrim Guild. It was supposed to be part of a bigger mod, which is now released as More to do in the Soul Cairn!