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donker316 and portet by Giiango

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This is an SE port of the Oldrim Mod Game of Thrones Armor Compliation credits to donker316 and GenPlagueLord's

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Game of Thrones Armor Compilation

Xbox ONE Version:


This is an Special Edition Port from here! Credits to donker316
Its testet but not FULLY testet. 
All Armour that i have craftet right now are 100% Bug Free. This Mod Contains the Fix Patch from here! Credits to GenPlagueLord

I have only Port this Mod and used the SSE NIF Optimizer from here! Credits to ousnius!

You can Download the Port in Englisch here. German translation also avaible but you need the Englisch Version first and overright it with the German one.


Sry! for my bad englisch :D Im German - Italian.

ps: Write me if you have any problems with this Port! I will look if i can fix it! For now i havnt got any Problem!

Please share your Pictures with me! :)

Deutsche Beschreibung (German) :

Dies ist ein Port der Originalen Oldrim Mod "Game of Thrones Armor Compilation"
Ich habe es zwar getestet, doch nicht zu 100% Alle rüstungen die ich bisher getestet habe (ca 60%) funktionieren alle problemlos! 
Meldet euch bitte bei jeglichen Bugs und ich schaue was ich tun kann!
Für die deutsche Version bitte erst die Englische runterladen und dann mit der deutschen überschreiben!
Danke sehr :)

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Ciri's Outfit (Witcher 3)
Colobian Noble Clothes
Keeper Carcette Survives
Alternate Start - LAL Extension - New Beginnings SSE
Splendor - Dragon Variants SE
Game of Thrones Armor

Have fun! And now the Original Description! :

Armors :

1: The Mountain's Armor - Found under Daedric Smithing

2: The Hound Armor - Found under Ebony Smithing

3: Iron Islands Armor (Male and Female version looks like Yara/Asha Greyjoy from the show)- Found under Orcish Smithing 

4: Brienne's Tarth Armor - found under Ebony Smithing 

5: Bronn's Armor - found under Glass Smithing

6: Regular Lannister Armor - Found under Steel Smithing

7: King's guard Armor - Found under Ebony Smithing

8: Stark standard Armor - Found under Steel Smithing

9: Stark Captain Armor - Found under Advanced Armors Smithing 

10: Arya/Gendry's Jerkin - Found under Leather Smithing

11: Knight of the Flowers Armor - Found under Dragon Smithing 

12: Lannister Elite Armor - found Under Daedric Smithing 

13: Jorah Mormont Armor : Found under Dwarven Smithing 

14: Storm's End Armor - found under Steel Smithing 

15: King Renly's Armor - Found under Ebony Smithing

16: King Stannis Armor - Found under Ebony Smithing

17: Robb Starks Armor - Found under Daedric Smithing 

18: Dragon Reach Guard Armor - Found under Dwarven Smithing 

19: Night's Watch Recruiter's Armor - found under Elven Smithing 

20: Jon Snow's armor - found under Dragon Smithing

Extra: Boots and Gloves both heavy and light can be forge under Every smithing Section: For Light (Leather - Dragon) and for Heavy (Iron - Daedric)
Weapons :

1: Arakh - found under Orcish Smithing

2: Ice 1h and GreatSword - Found under Ebony Smithing 

3: Northern Greatsword - found under Steel smithing 

4: OathKeeper - found under Daedric Smithing 

5: LongClaw - Found under Dragon Smithing 

6: Greatsword of the Mountain - Found under Daedric Smithing

7: Sword of the North - Found under Steel Smithing

.....................Version 1.2.................
- Added Brienne's Tarth Boots and The Mountain's Boots(Both Armor sets have Female Versions now)
- Changed GameofThroneArmors.esp into an ESM to make it easier to make plug-ins for it.
- Made SkyRe 1.2 patch that is a add-on esp not a replacement. (load under SkyRe_main.esp)
- Optional Level list esp will be up shortly :)
.....................Version 1.1................. 
- Added two new Weapons Gregor Clegane's Greatsword and the Sword of the North ( 1-h version of Northern Greatsword)

- Added Boots and Gloves to every Smithing Section with proper Stats

- Change all Armor Keywords to match their Armor Section. Now they should show up in the right Sections instead of all being in Steel and Leather. 

- No lvl list this Update starting it right now will be the same as this but with lvl list, so i'll keep this up for people who don't want the Armor on Random NPC's.
  • Kateroz - ARMONIZER this mod will include most of my Armors and integrate them into the skyrim world in a Lore-Friendly and immersive way. Please go check out Kateroz page and DL and Endorse :) Not to mention he is working on making boots and helms for these Armors in the future :) (Or so I THink lol!)

    1: Download with NMM and there you go :)
    2: (DawnGuard Required)Skyre user load my Esp after SkyRe_main.esp
    4: Manual install just place my Data folder into your Skyrim folder


    Permissions, On Using Models/Textures In Your Mod:
    All models and textures edited/altered/created by bilwit are open source. Be courteous and give credit where credit is due.

    Leave any feedback or suggestions in the comments section.