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Calling the Watchmaker is a quest mod featuring high quality voice acting and an extremely unique story that delves into the creation myth of the Elder Scrolls universe. This is my submission for the first Skyrim mod jam.

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Calling the Watchmaker
  • Calling the Watchmaker is a relatively short quest mod that discusses and explores the extremely interesting lore of how the Elder Scrolls universe was created. It specifically explores key beings like Sithis and their influence on how the universe was created. This mod is heavily inspired by Lovecraft as both me and BigMacHornet, the co-creator of this mod love his work and since there was nothing like it in Skyrim, decided to make it ourselves. The mod will delve into many themes that his work touches. I won't say much more, just so I don't spoil anything :))

  • Fully voiced. The mod features extremely high quality voice acting done by someone with plenty of experience. The quest has over 100 lines of dialogue, all written to a high standard.

  • Unique questline. Calling the Watchmaker is an extremely unique quest as it touches a subject many other quest mods never have, the lore of creation. The mod tells this story through an intelligent scholar across multiple encounters, here the player will learn all about how the TES universe was created and come to learn more about Sithis.

  • New location. The mod adds in a new location, Dreynos' cabin which is a unique house which is fully decorated and navmeshed for this new NPC to live in.



Thank you to Zero Productions for reviewing the mod, really glad he liked it :))

  • Can the mod be downloaded mid-game?
Yes, it's completely fine to install mid-game.
  • Is it ESLed?
Unfortunately not, since I added in a new interior cell.
  • Is the mod clean?
Yes, I have only edited the necessary cells, there should be no conflicts due to dirty edits.

  • A huge thank you to BigMacHornet for voicing Dreynos and co-writing the script for him! Without him, the mod wouldn't be nearly as good and he really brought Dreynos to life with his amazing performance! His Discord is:
  • themanaconda
  • Thank you to FudgeMuppet for making such amazing videos on all bits of Skyrim lore! Their videos were incredibly useful in understanding and translating the lore into a script and I would have struggled for many more hours if it weren't for them.

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