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This is a full structured set of separators for Mod Organizer 2,, because staying organized is key when modding Skyrim. Comes in 3 versions.

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This is a full structured set of separators for Mod Organizer 2, because staying organized is key when modding Skyrim. It is in fact one of the most important rules, especially the larger your modlist becomes!

Versions available:
Comes in 3 versions: 
  • Full: 126 separators, would be appropriate for 1000+ modlists
  • Intermediate: 77 separators, would fit a modlist ranging from 250 - 1000 mods
  • Lite: 19 separators, should cover all the basic needs, up to 250 mods.

Option available:
I have also provided a corresponding modlist.txt file. This will ensure that the separators will appear in the right order in your modlist (even though the numbering should ensure that regardless!
Do note that using this will disable all mods you currrently have enabled (not uninstalled, just disabled, you'll have to re-enable them).
However you should not need that, since the separators are properly numbered, MO2 should automatically sort them correctly at the bottom of your modlist.


1. Close Mod Organizer 2.
2. Extract the main file you chose in your MO2 "mods" folder. It should look like this:

3. (optional) Extract the modlist.txt in your MO2 profile folder

Nothing planned, other than fixing issues people might have

Q: I don't like the colours, I'd prefer them without. Can I change them?
A:  Yes, you can do that with Notepad++ with a few clicks:

1. Hit CTRL+F and go on the "Find in Files tab
2. Enter the following:
Find what: ^.*(color=@Variant(.*)).*$

Replace with:

Directory: Browse to the same folder you dropped the separators in (MO2 mods folder)

Tick Regular Expression

3. Run, and you're done! Not a single colour left

Thanks to the people who provided feedback after release :)
Thanks to every dev who participated in making Mod Organizer 2!

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