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Makes old people randomly say 'oh dear' - just like in real life! Lightweight, script free and ESL flagged.

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This mod has now been replaced by
Old People Sounds All In One.

A mod to make any NPC with one of the four elderly voice types say 'oh dear' for absolutely no reason. Because that's what they do.

Three voice types (MaleOldKindly, MaleOldGrumpy and FemaleOldGrumpy) have three exciting variations of 'oh dear' which will fire randomly. To further spice things up, the FemaleOldKindly voice type will sometimes sigh or say 'oh my' instead.

Version 1.2 also contains 'oh dear' comments for MaleCoward voice types as these are generally used for elderly NPCs. I've also added Dexion the Moth Priest

See the video for a brief demonstration of some of the lines. Mod-added NPCs that use any of these voice types will automatically work.

The mod is flagged as ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order. There are no scripts so it's safe to install mid-game and probably safe to uninstall mid-game.

Install like any other mod using your favourite mod manager.

FAQ / Notes

I'm not hearing the new dialogue. 
There's a rare vanilla bug with new dialogue not firing after installing a mod. If you don't hear any comments, just make a save and load it which should fix this if you encounter it.

How often? There's a delay of 4-5 hours so you won't hear the comments all the time (unlike my mother-in-law).

What outfit is Nils wearing in the screenshot? It's from my SPID mod Apachii Divine Elegance For NPCs.