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Makes the "Riften Specials" actually special.

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The "Riften Specials" were fairly boring, with a plain model for each of them and no unique effects. I updated the models and
textures and effects to make them unique and to reflect their in-game
descriptions. All of them are also now classified as "food" items so you
can use them in needs mods like iNeed.

"First is the "Velvet Lechance" which is a mixture of blackberry, honey, spiced wine and a touch of nightshade... perfectly safe, I assure you."
It restores 50 stamina and 100 magicka but the "touch of nightshade" deals 10 points of poison damage.

"Second, we have the 'White-Gold Tower' which is heavy cream with a layer of blended mead, lavender and dragon's tongue on top."
It now restores 25 stamina and 100 health.

"Last, and only for the bravest of souls, we have the "Cliff Racer" which is
Firebrand Wine, Cyrodiilic Brandy, Flin and Sujamma."
It restores 50 stamina, 50 magicka, and 75 health but will cause 50 health damage
over the course of 10 seconds. It will be safe if you're idling and the
health restoration will make it worth it if you're recovering health inĀ 
a safe place, but if you're in battle and the slow poison damage occurs
at the same time as a blow, then it's risky.

All of them are also more expensive to reflect their status as now-useful potions,
and you can only buy two at a time before you have to wait for them to
restock. for the white-gold tower, modder resource used with permission.