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Adds burps and comments for most vanilla voice types, script free and lightweight. ESL flagged. Lower frequency version and extreme version available in optional files.

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A mod to make NPCs burp and belch at certain times of day. Most vanilla voice types are covered with a variety of sounds depending on their gender and voice type. The mod is script free and very lightweight and should be compatible with pretty much anything. 

The burps will fire randomly and only when the player is within a certain range so you won't hear them all the time. It will work with mod-added NPCs as long as they use one of the vanilla voice types included in this mod.

Burps will trigger for most voice types after meal times, so around 1pm to 3pm and more around 6pm to 9pm. There are more specific lines inside inns in the evening, as NPCs often eat in inns. NPCs will belch and say how much they enjoyed their meal.

Some voice types such as drunks and guards will belch more frequently and at more times during the day.

Some voice types are polite and will say 'excuse me' or similar. Some won't, they'll just let it all out without a care.

The burps have a delay (varies by voice type) in how often they repeat
(ha-ha, see what I did there?). They're meant to be fairly infrequent and not happening all the time so as to be realistic. The video preview is obviously edited to include more burps but they are much less frequent in-game.

Most non-unique, vanilla voice types are included. The mod is flagged as ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order. There are no scripts so it's safe to install mid-game and probably safe to uninstall mid-game.

There's a rare vanilla bug with new dialogue not firing after installing a mod. If you don't hear any burps and comments, just make a save and load it which should fix this if you encounter it. If you're not sure if it's working, try turning subtitles on.

There are now a lower frequency version and an 'extreme' version available in optional files with a lower random chance and a longer delay between burps, or one with hardly any restrictions. I can't imagine anyone wanting this for long, but it was requested, so here it is. Use only one version.

Farts? Yes, coming Soon™

LE Version - No, but if someone wants to port it, just ask.

Xbox Version - No, but I give permission to port it in the permissions section subject to the conditions stated there.

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Burping sounds courtesy of Pixabay 
Thanks to Gonzeh and Ctuck61 for testing.