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Your true destiny lies ahead, only you are able to prevent the end time calamity.

An end-game quest that will take you beyond Tamriel, and the 4th era.

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This mod is now a part of The Final Cataclysm, Ultimate Edition.





 An end-game quest mod that will take you beyond Tamriel, and 4th era.
 Your true destiny lies ahead, only you are able to prevent the end time calamity.
 Embark on a journey filled with wonders and mysteries, with the fate of the universe itself hangs in the balance...

 The story follows the Elder Scrolls lore and further develops on its own, but as the event is happening in the future, it's up to you to decide that this mod is lore-friendly or not.
 Do not take it seriously, the story is more of a symbolic than other regular quests/mods.

 I try my best on this to leave you with a lasting good impression on the mod. Maybe several months or a year later, you look back to this and says
"Hey, this is such a great mod!"


- Complete Main Quest "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller".

- Level 25 or above.

 The mod starts automatically after the player reach both of these requirements.

 [Soft Requirements]

- A versatile character that can do both ranged attack and melee attack.

- A decent sneak skill. There's some section that you need to sneak.

- A lot of defensive gears/spells, or health, to survive being one or two shotted by enemies.

(Still, don't take this mod lightly even if your character meets all of the requirements above, you still need good tactics and preparations in order to survive.
This is not a casual mod, the difficulty I aimed for is around hardcore 90 era games.)


- 5+ hours of playtime. This is about 5-6 times larger than my previous mod.(The Grand Paladin)

- Dungeons and Monsters design never seen in Skyrim before, with custom behaviors and abilities.

- Custom music. I personally like them a lot. (I don't own any music in this mod, look at credit section for more info.)

- Most contents are custom assets, not found in Skyrim and DLCs. New weapons, armors, books, spells, etc. three new chaos relics are the highlight of this mod.

- challenging boss battles. This one is awesome and is also the highlight of the mod.

- Follower support. Vanilla follower only, you need a summon follower spell to call your non-vanilla follower.

- There shouldn't be any conflict with other mod. This mod doesn't modify anything from the vanilla game.


- You need to install the base mod (v1.1) and the latest update. (v3.1)
Look at the description of other files on the download page for more info.

- Before uninstalling, make sure that you've already get rid of everything from the mod in your character, weapons, items etc. Make sure no actor from the mod is present in the same cell that you are. Removing spells from the mod is not necessary. You need to use a Savegame Script Cleaner after uninstalling the mod.


 Questions that may help you, here.

- I don't know how to get inside a castle.
When you reach the castle with two entrances, look on your right, climb that hill and you're in. You're not supposed to knock the front door and enter anyway.

- I'm stuck at finding 4 capsules for Infinity relic.
There are three caves outside the castle, you arrive at the first cave which only has one small room, there's a chest that has the first capsule inside. The second cave next to the first one have another capsule, you need to use Whirlwind Sprint to reach the chest. Basically, just head straight and try not to fall to the lowest level. The third cave, you just need to watch for the pit, Whirlwind Sprint helps too. The final capsule is inside the gate area you need to unlock. PM me if you still stuck.

- Boss destroyed me...
Try different strategy, every boss has their own weakness. Learning their attack pattern also helps.

- No two-handed weapon/crossbow chaos relic?
sorry, but I ran out of ideas of what type of relic they should be.
I may make one from your request, feel free to post your idea in the comment section!

- My follower fell into a pit and is gone...
Reload your game. Well, you can fix it by using consoles. ""YourFollowerID.enable" " + "YourFollowerID.moveto player" + "YourFollowerID.resurrect"


 Check out my other quest mod here: [The Grand Paladin]
Here is the RU translation of the mod.



This mod is kind of a resource fest by itself, feel free to use anything that was created by me. (All Scripts, around half of custom meshes and textures.)
Basically, just do whatever you like with my content, credit is appreciated, but not required.

If you want to use assets that are modified from another modder's resource or mod, maybe you should contact him/her about that before using them. Also be sure to give them a proper credit.

Translation permission granted, do what you want. Make sure two people don't do the translation in the same language, maybe you want to comment here to let others know before doing so.

You have the permission to upload this mod to other sites. I'm not going to upload it anywhere other than nexus mods because I'm lazy and arranging mod page takes a lot of time. Forget as my CK freeze as soon as I try to pack my mod for publishing :D

There is an XBOX version on the