Fast Travel Ambushes and Consequences SE by Sands of Time Team - see credits
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Fast Travel Encounters and Consequences


  • Fast Travel Ambushes
  • Lore Friendly
  •  Player can set the odds of having an ambush using book menu.
  • Ambushes are deadlier at night.
  •  Vampires, Ghosts, others roam the night and will make fast traveling dangerous. Werewolves roam at night, and new wolf types: 
  •    Starving Wolf
  •          Rabid Wolf
  •          Alpha Wolf
  •          Sick Wolf
  •          Brawler Wolf
  • Much improved version when compared to version in Ultimate Deadly Encounters
  • Encounters happen in vicinity of fast travel origin and destination, and in between.
  • Penalties for running out of food or not carryng food (optional)
  • Possible diseases affected by how far player fast travels. (optional)
  • All features can be toggled on and off
  • Sleeping will remove penalties from player (have food in your inventory)