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A new compilation of my thirteen (13) Dungeons.

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Hammet Dungeon Pack II
by: venjhammet

I know you have longed for this so here you go folks, a compilation of my nine (9) standalone dungeons merged into one pack for you to alleviate the esp limitation you are experiencing. Hope this will bring you joy and continue to support me.

What to expect from these dungeons.

-uses only vanilla assets of the game
-all enemy npc uses only vanilla stats
-some dungeons have radiant quests enabled while others are not.
-some dungeons are standard difficulty while others are hard difficulty
-all enemy npc uses only vanilla stats
-has unique weapons and armor enchantments
-not compatible with the nine (9) standalone dungeons listed below of course
-no posting on another site, please. Nexusmods exclusive only
-no alteration and/or patches without seeking first my permission
-port to console will be coming soon
-Requires SE with v1. Can be used for AE v1.6.353., v1.6.640, GOG version, v1.6.1130.0.8, and the latest 1.6.1170.0.8. This mod is not SKSE-dependent.

If you're enjoying my mods and would like to support my work, I'd truly appreciate it if you could visit my Kofi page and show your support. 


-added a new dungeon called Darkleaf Grotto north of Rorikstead

-rewrote and improved Narzak's quest details and journal
-interior hole above the ceiling will reflect the day and night cycle outside
-added a new dungeon "Darkfrost End" located northeast of Winterhold
-added a new questline, "A Dark Secret Beneath". to start just head to Darkfrost End

-just a reupload due to the archived file name which I made a mistake naming it hammet dungeon pack 1 instead of hammet dungeon pack 2, fortunately the files inside were correct.

-added a knapsack for the journal to loot, to remedy the Anchazgar Quest issue to some experiencing disappearance of the dead body of Renhart

-relocated Brimspire to southeast of Karthwasten

-added a new nordic dungeon called Skullgrim Crypt located far east of Whiterun

-added a new dungeon called Volengrim located southwest of Winterhold

*This pack is compatible with all of my mods except for the nine (9) dungeons mentioned below.
Why were only nine (9) dungeons compiled?
I have plans for the other standalone dungeons which is why they were not included. This pack will be slotted to have at least eleven (11) more dungeons in the future. Bringing it to Twenty (20) dungeons.

Following dungeons that are compiled in this pack are listed below:

Anchazgar - (non-radiant) Head to Solstheim just north of Earth Stone there you will find a dead person. Loot and read his journal and your quest will begin.

Blood Iron Veil - (radiant quest) Thousands of years ago there was this powerful dunmer warrior named Alathorn, a member of the dragonguard who built a Sanctuary West of Windhelm but somehow disappeared along with the abandonment of the tower. Until recently an unusual activity had been occurring in that particular place and the Vigilant of Stendarr went to investigate. Rumor has it that a group of vampires has been seen occupying that tower.

Brimspire - (non-radiant) A small group of Daedric worshippers has taken refuge in an old abandoned imperial prison tower just North of Karthwasten and they intend to make human sacrifices to awake a powerful necromancer. You must head to the tower and stop their evil plan.

Darkfrost End - (radiant quest) located northeast of Winterhold, a secluded sanctuary veiled in mystery. For generations, it has been safeguarded by the enigmatic order of the Mythic Dawn. However, recent disturbances have stirred the tranquility of this ancient place.

Darkleaf Grotto - Far north of Rorikstead lies a dark, misty cave known as Darkleaf Grotto. In its depths, an ambitious warlock seeks to become a powerful necromancer. Driven by determination, he is committed to mastering this dark craft and attaining immense power.

Hilleye Cabin - (non-radiant) a dilapidated house that lies on the southeast of Dragon Bridge where a group of necromancers has settled in this place hidden beneath an underground cavern determined to unlock the dark secret it holds.

Narzak's Vault - (radiant quest) A new quest awaits you northwest of Narzurbul on the Eastmarch hold. Find Drift Rock Cave and gain entrance into the dwemer ruin. There you will encounter a group of bandits that made camp waiting for their other companion to arrive before heading in to retrieve a powerful relic weapon hidden inside the ruin.

Nirnmire Grotto - (radiant quest) is an old Nordic ruin that lies far south of Dragonbridge. This dungeon is filled with poisonous gases and no one has been able to venture into its depths. Until recently the poisonous gases somehow receded and a small group of Forsworn has managed to enter the dungeon determined to find the hidden relic beneath the catacombs.

Silent Vale - (non-radiant) A thousand years ago there was a great battle on the land of Vominheim. Prince Valdgar and his men stormed the Temple of Ingimund to destroy a powerful necromancer named Vuldur who had built an army and plans to invade and destroy Skyrim. Though they succeeded in defeating Vuldur they were also decimated by the minions of Molag Bal.  This ruin lies southeast of Whiterun just east of Fort Neugrad and is believed to be the resting place of the bear prince Valdgar.

Silver Yol - (non-radiant) An ancient Nordic ruin just northeast of Ivarstead. Conquer the dungeon and destroy the powerful enemies that lurk in the depths and wield the weapon hidden beneath the catacombs.

Skullgrim Crypt - (radiant quest) Far east of Whiterun lies the tomb of Huldjorn, a once powerful warrior who was executed for his betrayal of the ruler of Markarth a thousand years ago.

Twin Sonaak - (non-radiant) Far south of Rorikstead lies a Nordic ruin where a powerful twin brother who wields the power of necromantic arts lies buried for more than a thousand years. Venture into the depths of those forbidden catacombs and claim their power.

Volengrim - (radiant quest) Southwest of Winterhold lies a dwemer ruin overrun by bandits. A powerful relic is buried beneath this dungeon, however, the bandits are unable to retrieve it due to the poisonous gas that has engulfed the hallways.