Garfielf the orange khajiit follower by Bobvault101
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Yes, he was intentionally misspelled, I may upload a version with "Garfield" instead of "Garfielf" though.

This is what I based the mod on:

  This is the first follower I have made and was just a small modding project. I had uploaded this in case anyone had wanted to download it. This mod would definitely break immersion, especially due to the fact that Garfielf's voice is from a text to speech program.

Garfielf is located at the sleeping giant inn at Riverwood and is free for hire. He can be heard commenting about Rain/Snow weather and when you approach Dwemer ruins, Nordic ruins, and Falmer caves. He will also commit crimes if you ordered him to, you may accidentally order him to attack an npc in town.

He is under geared and will need you to equip him with weapons. Garfielf has a healing spell and a basic fire spell for combat.