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My interpretation of the Adoring Fan in Skyrim. Custom voiced with an original synthetic voice. ESL flagged.

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The Adoring Fan is a resident of Riften. He's not a popular person there at all, but he stays there because he's too afraid to leave, there are just too many scary things out there.

He spends his days wandering around Riften trying to talk to the other residents and make friends with them, but this doesn't usually go well for him. In the evenings he'll be in the tavern but again, his presence isn't welcomed by most.

Of course he's a big fan of you, the player, and will compliment you when he comes near you, with different comments depending on your gender, race and what you're wearing. He'll also interact with the other citizens and visitors in Riften, including mod-added NPCs that use vanilla voice types, such as Flower Girls and Immersive Wenches.

He also has some interactive scenes with guards if they say certain things to you while he's nearby. He will occasionally attempt a joke but he usually just gets them wrong.

The NPCs are voiced with a combination of reused vanilla lines and synthesised lines.

Install like you would any other mod using your favourite mod manager, or to install manually (not recommended) just unpack it and drop it in your Skyrim data folder. Should be safe to install mid-game. As the mod uses a few scripts, uninstallation mid-game is not recommended.

FAQ / Notes
Is he THE Adoring Fan from Oblivion? How can he still be alive? Talk to him and find out.

Is he Cicero?
Talk to him and find out.

He isn't talking
- There's a rare vanilla bug where some custom made NPCs won't have dialogue when you first meet them. If this happens, just make a save then load that save back and it will fix this.

Is he marriable? - Really? (Although you can try talking to him while you're wearing an Amulet of Mara....).

Is he a follower?
- No. Maybe one day but for now he's an NPC that lives in Riften.

Where can I find him?
He sleeps on a cot just outside the city, near the stables, but has a varied routine. He goes for a stroll near the Keep at 6am, then has breakfast in the bunkhouse. After that he'll peruse the market before visiting the temple. At 4pm he'll visit Elgrim's Elixirs before spending the evening in the Bee & Barb 'socialising' with the locals. Then he's off to sleep at 11pm until 6am. At weekends he'll visit the docks in the afternoon instead of going to the temple.

LE version? No, but if someone wants to backport it, just let me know.

Does it work with AE? Yes, it works with SE and AE.

Does he have a high poly head? No, I've deliberately left it low poly to give that authentic Oblivion type look.

Why haven't you cloned the original Adoring Fan's voice? I did start the mod by doing this but decided to create an original voice instead. Bethesda don't allow assets from one of their games to be used in another of their games so I created a voice that sounds a bit like the original one, but the voice used is 100% original and is not a clone of Craig Sechler's voice.

Note: if you install the mod while you are already in Riften you may need to fast travel to another location then back, to trigger the quest that controls him behind the scenes.

As I've used some shared dialogue, if you use subtitles they may not always match the audio exactly.

The mod is flagged as ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order. It has been cleaned and checked for errors in xEdit.

I've tried to make him as compatible as possible but it's impractical to test it with everything. I've tested some of the more popular city overhauls with the results as follows -
JK's Riften - compatible.
JK's Riften Outskirts - compatible.
Gonzeh Riften Reimagined - compatible.
Immersive Citizens - compatible.
AI Overhaul - scripted version doesn't affect mod-added NPCs so should be compatible.
AI Overhaul Lite - untested.

I've made a few small world edits; a few lean markers near the Keep plus a civil war cot just next to the stables outside the gates. If any mod modifies the same areas then there may be conflicts.

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Testers - Ctuck61 / GonzehNetherworks / Yandros

I've incorporated some of the scene cooldown times from Hit Dialogue Scene Cooldown from hitman47101