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Clean-up of the Dawnstar Sanctuary worth your 20k Gold

Permissions and credits
Juniper's Dawnstar Sanctuary

Can Install Anytime!

Ever finish the Dark Brotherhood Quest-line and wonder if you really should spend 20,000 gold to fix up the Sanctuary? No longer! Your gold will be put to good use! Furnishings, Storage, Crafting, Vendors, extra NPC's and Followers, and an overall clean-up of the sanctuary.

XB1 Version
PS4 Version 

What's New?
- Safe Storage added to the Poisoners Nook and the Listeners Quarters. 
- Weapon Racks added to the Listeners Quarters.
- Bookshelves added to the Listeners Quarters.
- Enchanting Table added to the Listeners Quarters.
- Two new followers
- General Merchant
- Blacksmith
- Crafting Area with Safe Storage
- Fence*
- Mercy Maiden*
- 2 Extra NPCs
- Re-spawning Food/Ingredient Barrels in common areas (Not safe for Storage)
- You can now access the ice cave after completing the sanctuary quest line, up until you purchase the Stained Glass/Shortcut upgrade.
- Much More!

*Requires the Torture Chamber to be Active
**The Torture Victims are clothed in the screenshots but are not clothed in the final version of the mod. I was having too many issues with the Victims and compatibility with mods that change NPCs in SSE so they are no longer changed by this mod.**

Can install anytime! 

Please Note! I have moved some items in the sanctuary, Most notably in the Listener's Quarters. You may have some fallen or floating objects or misplaced banners if you've visited previously, or already purchased upgrades. They should move to their correct placement after a cell reset. I have swapped out several wardrobes in the common areas of the Sanctuary. If you were using them for storage please check the chest near the entrance of the sanctuary.

Please Note! Removing this mod, or any mod is never recommended during a play through. Please make a save before you activate this file so you can revert back to it should you decide to uninstall. If you wish to uninstall this mod during a play through, please remove all items stored in the sanctuary before disabling this mod or they will be lost.

Compatibility and Requirements:
This mod is NOT compatible with any mod that alters the activation markers for the sanctuary. Mods that use their own activators in the sanctuary are compatible (I use ArsMetallica and the crafting paper shows up when and where it's supposed to in the Sanctuary) though you may experience clipping. I made this mod before I knew that I should make my own markers for compatibility reasons.

-This mod does not alter any Dark Brotherhood NPCs. It is compatible with NPC overhauls.
-This mod does not add or alter interior lighting data or imagespaces. It is compatible with lighting overhauls.

USSEP Required

- No, I will not remove the USSEP requirement or upload a version without the dependency.
- Please Report any Sanctuary Issues so I can correct them. I've played through several games with this mod both in Oldrim and in SSE for testing but it's always possible to overlook small things.
- The Dark Brotherhood Quest Line is UNTOUCHED by this mod; no quest activators, markers, or mobs within the Sanctuary have been touched. Any quest issues lie elsewhere.