Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

COMPLETED FILE - exclusive free DLC you didn't expect but it is something I've worked on over the past few months.. Enjoy :)

Permissions and credits

 -   This version is Complete, it has afew small changes and fixes that I've had help from Nexus member asmediv.  The fixes are stated below in the changelog. this has been in collaboration with Nexus Member/  "asmediv" . and I thus gave asmediv permission to use my files.  -

///  changed the boat location to a more immersive one, moved it to the windhelm docks and replaced the autoloaddoor with a trapdoor. and fixed all the navmesh issues so now the followers can travel with you and explore the island. And clean the .esp it with tes5edit. also add compatibility with convenient horses but for that you will have to edit the convenient horses .esp or make a patch. ///  


Open the creation kit and check folkvangr and convenient horses from your mod list.
in the object window, go to the "formlist" section.. copy this word and put it on the filter : CHRidableWorldList  Double click that form list, a new window will open, that is the convenient horses list that manages in which worlds you can use the "horse call" lesser power, keep it open. Now go to the toolbar of the CK and click in the "world" menu, find the folkvangr world, now select that item and drag it into the convenient horses list. simple as that.  

Welcome to Folkvangr ...

This is a surprise for you all as I made it in secret without any signs of bringing it to your attention this time!
But It's been my labour of love for the past several months. I really haven't fleshed out a story"" as such for this
neither have I added any Quests""..  However that was never really my strength.. Instead I've vowed to use
the skills I do have and give you all an enjoyable worldspace to explore..  With a neat size to it, and plenty
to see and do. This is not for a Level 1 character, maybe get afew levels up first at least. The enterance is in
Windhelm Docks ( a boat with a TrapDoor ).  :)

A good size town, with various interiors, npc's and things to explore if you explore everywhere,
well spaced combat, with room to breathe, a solid dungeon awaits you at the mountaintop..
This is a standalone world mod. Utilizing only Vanilla Skyrim, No DLC is required.