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Retexture of the stalhrim ore from the Dragonborn DLC.

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Stalhrim Source


The original mod for Skyrim can be found in The Ruffled Feather here:

Stalhrim Source is a simple mod that re-textures the stalhrim ore from the Dragonborn DLC. Mesh edits are provided for the transparency and also to fix Bethesda's terrible mapping so the textures don't become a melted bowl of cheese. On top of this, the meshes have been tessellated (more polygons) with upmost care to provide a smoother look to the surface.

2K and 4K versions are available.

All screenshots were taken with Better Dynamic Snow and Nordic Snow.


April 16th, 2017
Uploaded Initial SSE version:
Stalhrim by SparrowPrince is now up for SSE. The textures have been slightly updated from the original mod. Both a 2K and 4K version is available. In all cases the normals will be 2K.

If you find any issue with the mod, please utilize the Bugs tab above and give as complete a description as possible to the issue you're experiencing.


Stalhrim will be compatible with:
  • Any mods that do not alter the same mesh and texture files.


Simply install as normal with your mod manager and allowing Stalhrim to overwrite any file conflicts.

To install the optional files, install this after one of the main files and overwrite.

SparrowPrince for the mod.
The mod is being maintained by TechAngel85 with permission.