Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This is my Dragon Age series weapons collection from the Skyrim Workshop rolled up into a single mod.

Permissions and credits

Greatswords: Vigilance, Starfang, Bassrath-Kata, Yusaris, Asala, The Summer Sword, Knight Commander's Sword, The Mother's Chosen
Longwords: Vigilance, Starfang, Bassrath-Kata, Dwyn's Longsword, Maric's Blade, Keening Blade, Duncan's Sword
War Axes: The Veshialle
Great Axes: Dal'Thanaan
Staves (with Greatsword versions): Staff of Parthalan, Bassrath-Kata
Daggers: Finesse, Spider's Heart, The Murder Knife, Bassrath-Kata, Backstabber/Heartbreaker
War Hammers: Trian's Maul, Thorval's Luck, Valos Atredum
Bows: Bassrath-Kata

*Credit to Bioware for the original weapon designs.*

Poly counts range from 1k to 16k. Texture sizes range from 1k to 4k. Made using 3ds Max 2011/2012, Photoshop CS4, and Mudbox 2012. Note: These are new meshes and textures. I only used the original meshes/textures/screenshots for reference.

The unique versions of the weapons are placed throughout Skyrim. I've put up some videos showing exactly where. Locations are also listed in the readme.

Weapon stats are in the readme. Typically, the unique versions of the weapons are slightly better than the craftable versions and range from Steel to Ebony in strength.

I'm wearing Warmage Armor, Scout Armor's cape, Iorveth Armor, Blood Dragon Armor, Sentinel Armor, Triss' Armor Retextured, DA2's Champion Mage Armor, and my Western-style Hat in the screenshots.

Known issues:

-The Ornate Dwarven Warhammer's gemstone faces may lose their color. This occurs when there is either a strong reflection off the face or if you look through the gem to the underside of its retention ring.

-The Bassrath-Kata enchantment can interrupt killmoves and make enemies immortal for a short period of time. I think this is because ragdolling an enemy in that state resets them and prevents them from taking damage (much like that ring that shoots you into the air and ragdolls you to keep you from taking damage). If you decapitate them, well, they'll still be alive, kicking, and taunting.

-If you get hit by the wielders of Bassrath-Kata, you will most likely die unless they change target. This is due to the weapons' knockback effect occurring faster than your recovery animation.