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An Assassins Creed Inspired mashup. - Now for SSE!

Permissions and credits
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This is a conversion and re-upload of the amazing DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor.

All credit for this amazing armour goes to DreamBurrows, all i did was fix the invisible pauldron issue and make it SE compatible.

All permissions have been given to re-upload this for Skyrim Special Edition, to me, specifically on the Nexus only.

Please do not re-upload this anywhere else without gaining the awe inspiring DreamBurrows permission.

Link to the original DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor

This is an Assassin's Creed inspired armor that is male, female and beast race compatible.
The female version is compatible with all body types but is not made for any one in particular.

The armor is made up of:: 
Sleeve Blades
Mask(Not beast race or female compatible.) 
Belted Blades
Pauldron + Cape

The armor is a bit OP, I'm not very good with stat balancing, haha. 

Can be crafted at the forge under Iron and upgraded at the workbench.

This mod uses biped slots 60-57 and 45, so anything using those slots will conflict with this mod. 

If you use this mod, please endorse it, so others may find it easier and gain the enjoyment that you gain from using it.

Highly recommended mods:: 

Face Masks by volvaga0

Blindfolds by volvaga0

Hidden Blade Sound FX by zinzen99

Altairs dagger by Shrinkingcash

Be sure to take screenshots of your awesome characters! I'd love to see them!



Dawnguard + Dragonborn and probably the latest Skyrim patch.


Use the Nexus Mod Manager to install or

Copy all content to the Skyrim/Data folder.


Remove the following folders:


Or uninstall using NMM. 


Known Issues:

Poor quality, I'm still learning a lot about texturing.

Clipping issues. This is a my first big mashup project so there will be some issues with clipping. I tried my 
best to eliminate as much of them as possible. 

Mask is only male compatible and does not work for beast races. 


This is a Nexus mods exclusive.
I do NOT give permission for this mod to be uploaded to Steam or anywhere else without my consent.
Thank you. ^^



Bethesda - Skyrim
ScottmackNiveaHothtrooper44 - For assets used from their Gladiator Armor 
L0rd0fWar - Rigging and Meshes from his The Witcher 2 Mod
nausicaa36zotman12 (Hentai) - Meshes from the Nightmare Armor 
TH3WICK3D1 - Mask mesh from his Witcher 2 - Viper Assassin-Blue Stripes Mod

If you feel that I have used your work and have not given proper credit please message me::

Special Thanks. 
There are a couple of people I want to thank for helping me through the process of creating this mod. 
Urshi - for testing and helping me find bugs. 
Hothtrooper44 and SydneyB - For being awesome and helping me when I need help with mesh issues. 
83Willow and VictoriaG - For testing an taking lovely screenshots.
Nightasy - This mod would not have been made if it were not for his amazing tutorials. 

And you, thank you for downloading my mod! Please endorse it of you like it! I hope you enjoy despite some issues! (^-^)/