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A conversion of all the armor and clothing meshes from Creation Club to fit the HIMBO male body.

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HIMBO Creation Club Armor and Clothing Refits

Himbo V5 now includes Creation Club refits, meaning that if you are using Himbo V5 this mod is no longer required, I will however keep it here for people who for some reason might still be using V4

This is my first time converting anything, though I've made assorted meshes in Outfit Studio before, it was certainly a learning experience (and the last time I so foolishly take on so many conversions at once). The only armors I didn't convert were the hand to hand gauntlets, I took one look at the files in Outfit Studio and decided I value my mental health too much to do that.

I'm aware that a HIMBO conversion of the Creation Club armors already exists on the Nexus however I had some issues with them so decided to try my own hand at it.

I've tried my hardest to eliminate all largely visible areas of clipping as best as I can but I cannot account for every HIMBO preset, therefor there may be some issues especially on larger builds. If you do find any abhorrent areas of clipping please let me know and I'll do my best to fix. There are also some clipping issues which are more due to weight painting than morphs (skirts clipping through legs on movement), I've tried to fix some of these however I'm quite a novice and there were some issues I couldn't solve.


- Bodyslide
- Skyrim Anniversary edition or all the creation club mods


Download with your mod manager of choice, activate the mod and launch Bodyslide, all the armors can be found under the 'HIMBO CC Refit' group.

There are 3 optional files you can pick to build instead of the regular meshes. There is an alt version of the Dark Seducer armor with the HIMBO Physics body for tiddy jiggle, and an alt version of the boiled and regular netch leather with a smaller scarf as I found it clipped with my characters chin (see images for reference)

I highly recommend grabbing the wonderful armor retextures by xavbio as they cover some of the creation club armors as well as Vanilla, they are visible in most of the example screenshots.


Kreiste for the wonderful HIMBO male body
Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide & Outfit Studio
dubkk for their HIMBO preset which is visible in the screenshots