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Adds a new Stormcloak style player-base hidden behind a waterfall near Falkreath.

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Hey you. Yeah, you. Were you looking for the perfect headquarters for ousting milk-drinkers on your Stormcloak playthough? Yeah? That's good man! That's... REAL GOOD!

This mod adds a new Stormcloak style player-base behind the waterfall that feeds the Falkreath Mill.


A LORE-FRIENDLY letter from Jarl Ulfric, explaining how you came to acquire the stronghold.

A complete smithy (includes custom labeled containers, forge, sharpening wheel, armor bench, tanning rack, smelter, AND cooking station).

fully navmeshed interior for your followers' convenience.

A private team of Stormcloak Body Guards
(who will actually fight off Imperials and other enemies).

An central War Room with threatening map markers, numerous weapon racks and plaques, six armor mannequins, and
 nine shield racks for the nine Holds.

A beautifully furnished bedroom with bookshelves, a personal safe, and the mounted head of that giant bear you killed.

A dungeon with torture equipment (featuring Imperial spy scum).

Every type of Stormcloak armor (full set of Soldier and Officer armor).

A private chapel to the 9 divines, fully equipped with alchemy and enchanting stations, custom labeled containers, and a prominent statue of your boy: Talos.