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Add new town, new quests, more then 50 npcs. Some npcs are voiced too!

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Thanks for all the endorsement!

Requirements for the main File

Latest Skyrim Special Edition
I need a video for this mod, if someone can make one, it will be very appreciated!

This mod is also available on Skyrim old version!


Stonecrest - Verdant, Patch

This patch is for those who have ''Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin'' by Preeum. Make sure Stonecrest.esp come AFTER Verdant and the patch.

No more patchs required to have Stand-lone child! This is include in the version 1.1.

I will add some patch, In one of the patch, the player home will be grater than it look like now.

New quests!!!

Nexus Exclusive Mod -- Do NOT upload these files to other sites.
If you want any hair/ eyes style for your character, please download ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii, True Eyes by JimtownIrish and Hair Pack by newermind43


Description of Stonecrest City

Stonecrest City is located north of the Guardian Stones. It is located between Helgen, and Riverwood. A new bridge crosses the river near the Guardian Stones.
The docks of Istlod are located on the north coast of Skyrim, just west of Dawnstar. (Between the Imperial Camp and Dawnstar.)


- Version française incluse dans la section ''Files'', traduit par Sylom

You are all free to make a patch of it and translate the mod! All I ask is to credit me as the creator. I speak french and I already have a translator to French. J'ai déjà un traducteur francophone son nom est Sylom.


Stonecrest has a long standing history of being a mining town under the influence of the Bormir Clan who  specialize in providing weapons, and security to whoever has the deepest pockets in Skyrim.

So if you have the coin, they will provide the manpower!


(For more information about the Npcs, I invite you to go see pages 4,and 5 of my main topic)

A new faction : Bormir Clan : A group of warriors lead by Lord Bormir
40 + new npcs + 2 dogs, 1 horse (for sale), 1 cow and 4 chickens
8 quests, a few scenes and a scene a that introduce a quest. (in one of the quest, Evette San must be alive)
A new world space, Frozen Island.
More than 1500 dialogues, to know who is voiced, see the credits.
o4 followers (Available after quest)
o4 merchants
The blacksmith, and a trainer called Glatho in Glatho’s House
2 general goods vendors 
Valinna on the city’s market
Eigma in Eigma’s General Goods Store
1 Innkeeper, and food vendor in the Strong Man Inn
oOne bard, Vienele, She sings in the Strong Man Inn
9 buildings and 1 mine: 
A working guard ,and a prison system
New items and furniture (See mod resource section)
A unique Stonecrest banner made just for this mod by Elianora
Connected to the main road by the bridge
Some Npcs are Standalone
Cleaned with TES5EDIT
Standalone children




This mod is compatible with any big mod like
Interesting NPCs, Expanded Towns and Cities and more. So it does not conflict with the Interesting npc quest that sends the player to pick up a book in there.
Since this mod is built at the same location as the Anise Cabin, I deleted all Anise Cabin exterior but the cellar is still accessible in the town. So it will not conflict with any mod that changes the exterior around the Anise Cabin or Anise Cabin itself. To see other incompatibilities, please see carefully all images that I upload to this site.

Compatible with every mod except those that modify the same exterior cells as Stonecrest and the docks of Istlod. If you find a mod that alter the town's landscape, place Stonecrest.esp AFTER the mod question, like Verdant and the patch I maked must be place BEFORE my mod in the load order.

My city is overlapping with this mod

For more info about compatibly, follow the discussion on the post section of this mod.


1.Make a clean save.
2.Go far away from the Anise Cabin before activating this mod.
3.Use Nexus Mod Manager to install the .ESP and .BSA files or install it manually by opening the 7zip file, then drag and drop Stonecrest.ESP and Stonecrest.BSA into Skyrim’s Data folder.

Load Order

I suggest to place my mod on the lead in the load order, but it must come AFTER all mods that modify the landscape around my town (Verdant, Helgen Reborn and Reallistic Water Two). It must also come AFTER the mods that modify the vanilla meshes overall like Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM).

Load Order with Helgen Reborn

Stonecrest.esp most comes AFTER Helgen Reborn.esp.


1.Dismiss all mod’s followers
2.Go far away from Stonecrest City, like Breezehome, wait 40 days (open the console and type : “set timescale to 300000” than wait 30 real second and type “set timescale to 20”
3.Deactivate and uninstall from Nexus Mod Manager or manually delete the mod

Recommended mods

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Ousnius Jeir and Caliente


Writers and co-writers

BeauMath alias MathLeBeau- Writer
Bunnipop, Drragorr, Boxlid - co-writers

Voice actors

Lord Bormir - TheVVO. (voice not yet in the mod)
Dro'Ba - TheVVO. (voice not yet in the mod)
Mitann - johnnyblazzer121
Asciene - subject0mega
Synnius Acilius - reyja187
Sorink - Alexhenderson924
Captain Aebond - Alexhenderson924
Bjadmu - johnnyblazzer121
Sorink - Alexhenderson924
Captain Aebond - Alexhenderson924
Bjadmu - johnnyblazzer121
Valinna - kuripachan
Eigma and Jeane - GigaRat
Stonecrest Guard female - Eros
Stonecrest Guard male - johnnyblazzer121
Greira - Shannon
Glatho - James Oden

Mods and mod Resources used

Mods used in this mod with author's permission

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
True Eyes by JimtownIrish
Hair Pack by newermind43
by jacknifelee

Mods Resources

bunnipop - editing and writing scripts, writing The Tale of the Bormir Clan (placeholder title), and other assets
RS Children Overhaul by Ranaline
Hanas Blank Roadsigns - Resource by Hanaisse (Use His tool to creat the Stonecrest sign)
Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
OpenBooks Resource by Blary
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix
Elianora's Extra Resources by Elianora
Strotis Rustic Furniture Resource 1_2 by Stroti and Tamira
Assorted Resources by Tamira
Lolicept Resources by LOLICEPT
Ingredients Drawer Resource by Blary
Strotis Spinningwheel Resource 1_1 by Stroti and Tamira
Strotis Market Stands by Stroti and Tamira
T67 - DisplayCase Noble and Dwemer by Tony67
Modular Crafting Table by Tueffel
Strotis Kitchen Tools by Stroti and Tamira
Strotis Ovens Resource by Stroti and Tamira
Strotis Small House Resource by Stroti and Tamira
Building kits and other items by jet4571 Elianora
Strotis Manor Resource by Stroti and Tamira
Windows Resource Pack by lazygecko
13th Century Inn and houses Modders Resource by tlaffoon
FoodContainer Resource by Blary
Dovahkinder Collection - Additional Children Clothes by jacknifelee

Tools Used

Hanas Blank Roadsigns - Resource by Hanaisse (Used His tool to create the Stonecrest sign)
[url=]RaceMenu by Expired
NifSkope, to adjust the Path to my esp file.
Creation Kit by Bethesda Game Studio

Special Thanks

To Apachii, JimtownIrish, Jacknifelee and newermind43 for letting me use some of their mod assets in this mod.
To Elianora for creating the Stonecrest banner,and it’s symbol!
To Ac3s for his good mod advice,and teaching, lots of credit for him! I recommend you to download his mods!
To Boxlib, Kunomochi and Ac3s for testing my mod and for some pictures
To McClaud Eagle, Kunomochi, Verbal Earthworm, Kimberlee, SgtDoge, Mangarian, and all my Chat Room friends for their teaching and opinions.
To Bradhl55 for his Editing and advice.
To DarthWayne and JetSteele for their help in the travel scripting

To Bethesda for creating the game.

A video will soon be available!!!!