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A minimal Falkreath city overhaul which adds a magic shop and player house.

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A great, and old city, but missing anywhere to buy spells. Even more unfortunately, the nearest player house is well outside the city and away from its services.

This Mod

Adds Stag's End, a basic player home with room for a spouse and 2 kids, plus oven, arcane enchanter, alchemist's lab, and small garden. Located across the road from the woodmill and behind the Jarl's longhouse.


Most Grave magics
, an independent magic shop, behind Corpselight Farm, along the path to the graveyard.

Stag's End

To purchase or upgrade Stag's End, use the workbench just outside. You'll need 5000 septims for the initial purchase, and more to build the upgrades.
You do not need to do any quests for the Jarl first.

Interactions With Other Mods

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions is required to move spouse and kids into Stag's End.

If Extensible Alternate Start is installed, a door will appear in the starting area letting you choose to start with ownership and all upgrades of Stag's End.

Known Issues

When selling you the Lakeview Manor Charter, Nirya still claims there's no house available in Falkreath.