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SkyUI Team - Dylan James

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Recompiled SkyUI script to address the 3D Item Inventory Art being slightly off-center when starting new games.

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MCM Helper (Optional)

SkyUI Flashing Savegames Fix
SkyUI Ghost Item Bug Fix



SkyUI default 3D Item horizontal offset is incorrect by 6.56 units, resulting in the inventory art being misaligned with the item card.
This can be fixed by going into the mod configuration menu and setting 3DItemXOffset to -6 under Advanced.

Unfortunately, most people don't know this.
Or simply forget to fix this. Or it resets itself.
Or have even looked at the SkyUI's MCM.

This is an updated SKI_ConfigMenu.pex that changes four lines to account for this offset.
Two options are available depending on whether or not you are an MCM Helper user.

Feel free to not install this file. This will be removed once it is integrated into the main SkyUI SE download.


Load after SkyUI and MCM Helper.
Not compatible with anything that edits SKI_ConfigMenu.pex.
Probably not compatible with SkyUI VR – you probably don't need this.
Probably not compatible with Widescreen Fix – you probably need your own values.


Thank you to SkyUI Team for SkyUI.
Thank you to Parapets for MCM Helper.
Thank you to MrNeverLost for their nl_online repository.
Thank you to me – for having the most courage.