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  • Dev Log and Roadmap

    Problems to Solve
    ▪ Students in practice together can't be in a crime faction, or they will report one another to the authorities if a spell accidentally hits. This means that if you attack one of them, no-one will care.
    ▪ Some students use voices which are missing the lines needed when the player is Arch-Mage, leaving them silent-with-subtitles when those lines trigger.

    Planning Upcoming Features
    Status: On Hold
    ETA: I will likely work on this update after OCW 1.5 is completed.
    ▪ The training scenes will be made into true scenes, so they will not begin until everyone is present, the characters will speak with one another, and hopefully the crime-reporting issue can be solved.
    ▪ Some incidental dialog will be added to al...

  • Load Order - Conflicts - and Recommendations

    Immersive College NPCs only contains additions, so it should be compatible with almost everything out there provided they do not radically change the geography or geometry of Winterhold. The only conflicts to be mindful of are in the cell (interior and exterior) settings.

    Load Order
    Immersive College NPCs should loaded before the following mods:
    ▪  Immersive College of Winterhold
    ▪  Toberone's Winterhold College
    ▪  Any mod which edits lighting, music, weather, water, ambient sounds, or any other location specific data.

    ICNs Pairs Great With
    ▪  Magical College of Winterhold which is featured in most of the screenshots.
    ▪  Obscure's College of Winterhold which was designed from day 1 to be used with ICNs. A pat...