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Adds students and guards to the College of Winterhold for added immersion!

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  • Spanish
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(There is now a version for the XBOX One)

If you're anything like me and love playing a mage, then you've probably visited the College of Winterhold...

Maybe you came to Special Edition thinking you'd be able to run around Hogwarts, the Arcane University
Immersive College of Winterhold?
(Awesome mod for the original Skyrim)
Did you notice a lack of security? Perhaps you wondered where all the workers at Saarthal went or why they didn't care to defend their little project? A lack of students? (Come on Bethesda! 3 students? It's a college!)

I searched the web for mods that might change this in a way that wasn't immersion breaking,
but ended up making my own mod.

Now they take security a bit more seriously, and Students feel safe enough to stay at the College.


It adds a bunch of NPCs to the College as well as Saarthal Exterior.
They all have things to do and will wander around and use idles/furniture and workstations.

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out Obscure's College of Winterhold
- This adds dorms for all the npcs in this mod as well as some realistic touches for even more immersion!

No unique dialogue atm! Will probably implement soon!


5 Novices:
Onuja - Male Argonian
Nelysa - Female Dunmer
Sameth - Male Breton
Myvrana - Female Bosmer
Melker - Male Nord

3 Mages:
Lentilus Batiatus - Male Imperial, Conjurer, Lone wolf
Amanra Solas - Female Redguard, Restoration Expert, teaches
Tarakel - Male Redguard, teaches wards, makes trips to Saarthal during weekends

1 Groundskeeper:


8 College Guardians
4 on walls and 4 on the ground

Saarthal Excavation
6 workers
3 Guardians
1 Adorable Dog

Version 1.0.4

- Fixed issues with missing FaceGen files. Now the faces should work for everyone!
Version 1.0.3
- Cleaner mod
- More NPCs
- Requested Outfit changes
- better schedules

Let me know if you have thoughts, advice or want to see something implemented! Also please Endorse if you enjoyed it :) 

Skyrim Special Edition

This mod only adds npcs, it does not change any architectural aspects, statics or items.
Only used Vanilla assets so it should be compatible with any College mods that do not alter the place dramatically!

Recommended mods, but not required:
Obscure's College of Winterhold
Adds much needed realism, bugfixes and dorms for all my npcs!
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Magical College Of Winterhold 
Adds more magical atmosphere, clutter, furniture and improves dorms
The Elder Scrolls Tomes - Skyrim Magic Addon 
Adds more, lore friendly spells!

This is my first mod. Do not let that deter you though! I've tested it several times before publishing!
If you're a voice actor, or know of one that might like to help create dialogue for this mod, hit me up! Need female voices as well as an Old Man.