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Fixes the odd transition in the distance.

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Realistic Water Two is a fantastic mod plagued by one issue in particular; that really obvious line in the distance. This simple patch fixes that by setting the texture to the ones provided in RWT and scaling them properly. Realistic Water Two is required.

Now with all that being said, there will always be a small transition you can notice if you pay really close attention (especially in the ocean), but this is as close as I feel it can get. This is due to how Skyrim SE handles water, no real way around it at the moment.

This mod is provided as-is. I am not supporting development of this any further. It's only here for the sake of the people who wanted it back. I can't do any more than I have.

Huge thanks to Sinitar Gaming for covering this in his showcase!

Compatible with DynDoLOD or any other LOD files provided by other mods.
Works great with the Watercolor add-on.
Shouldn't conflict with anything honestly as nothing really affects distant water.

Thanks to isoku for the amazing Realistic Water Two!