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Find Belethor's Sister and take over Belethor's store.

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Fancy getting revenge on Skyrim’s Belethor for all those times he’s given you bad deals on valuable gear? The mod in question is called ‘Belethor's Sister - Quest’.
Take over an annoying Skyrim shopkeeper's shop with this mod. Shouldn't have sold your sister, Belethor.
Skyrim Mod Lets the Dragonborn Get Revenge on Belethor. A fan-created mod for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim finally allows players to get some revenge on one of the game’s most disliked NPCs, Belethor.

  • 2 main quests.
  • 3 radiant sidequests.
  • Get weekly dividend payouts.
  • Improve dividend payouts via radiant quests.
  • Requires you to be level 20 and have unlocked Soul Cairn by completing Chasing Echoes.
  • Requires Nazeem and other NPCs in Whiterun to be alive.
  • Starts when you talk to Belethor at Belethor's General Goods.
  • Belethor's double bed is turned into 2 single beds after you rescue his sister.
  • 0 edits to vanilla records.
  • ESL-flagged.
  • Outdated translations should not be used.
  • Whenever
Quest Walkthrough
Quest 1: Belethor's Sister
Quest 2: Hostile Takeover
  • Wait 3 or more days after Quest 1: Belethor's Sister. Make sure you change locations a few times to trigger the quest.
  • Courier will deliver you a note at some point when you're in town. Read the note.
  • Meet with Lelaegh at the Bannered Mare and agree to her plans
  • Pickpocket, persuade, intimidate, or pay the market rate for Ysolda, Nazeem, and Hulda's shares
  • Return to Lelaegh at the Bannered Mare and speak to her.
  • Follow Lelaegh to Belethor's General Goods and confront Belethor.
  • Either vote for Belethor and end the quest line prematurely for 10 gold reward or vote for Lelaegh and get 200 gold reward.
  • You can now visit Lelaegh weekly and get a dividend payment.
Lelaegh's business
  • You can visit Lelaegh weekly to get a dividend payment.
  • You can ask Lelaegh if she needs help around the store, and she might assign you radiant quests.
  • The amount of dividend payment you get depends on how many radiant quests you've done.
  • You can ask Lelaegh how the business is doing, and she will give you an answer depending on how well the store is doing.
  • You can also give your shares to Lelaegh for safekeeping. She will not steal them.
Radiant Quest 1: Delivery
  • Lelaegh tells you to deliver a relevant item to an NPC in Whiterun. There is a chance, once your business rating is high enough, that you may be asked to deliver to Elisif in Solitude instead.
  • Speak to the NPC to deliver the item(s).
  • Return to Lelaegh for a gold reward.
  • This quest unlocks immediately and regenerates every 8 hours.
  • Increases business level by 1, except when you delivery to Elisif in Solitude, which increases business level by 2.
  • You can fail this quest if you want by speaking to Lelaegh.
Radiant Quest 2: Shipment
  • This quest unlocks business level 9 and regenerated every 16 hours.
  • Increases business level by 2
  • You can fail this quest if you want by speaking to Lelaegh.
Radiant Quest 3: Bandits
  • Lelaegh asks you to retrieve a stolen shipment crate from a bandit camp.
  • Retrieve the crate from the bandit camp.
  • Return to Lelaegh for a gold reward.
  • This quest unlocks at business level 19 and regenerates every 24 hours.
  • Increases business level by 3
  • You can fail this quest if you want by speaking to Lelaegh

Q: Can you make her a follower?
A: No. She needs to manage the store.

Q: Can you make her marriageable?
A: No. She's married to the store.

Q: I don't know how to get into the Soul Cairn.
A: Play the game instead of browsing Nexus all day. Soul Cairn is unlocked after completing Chasing Echoes. Or you can cheat, console "coc DLC01SoulCairnOrigin".

Q: After returning to Belethor, the quest ends? This mod sucks.
A: You should wait a 3 or more days for courier.

Q: Courier never shows up in my game!
A: Couriers trigger when you travel around and will wait for you at cities. If no couriers ever show up for any reason, your game is broken, and your save is fucked.

Q: How can I get rid of the stock certificates after the quest is over?
A: Ask Lelaegh to store them for you.

Q: Quest won't start!
A: Is your courier broken? Are your dungeons still functioning? Are NPCs alive? Is Nazeem still alive?

Q: I can't reach or find the bandit and/or warlock dungeons.
A: Maybe those aliases failed to fill properly or maybe you have some inaccessible mod-added dungeons that weren't properly excluded from radiant quests. Console "setstage belethorSisterQuest01 300" to bypass bandit dungeon and "setstage belethorSisterQuest01 500" to bypass warlock dungeon.

Q: Translations?
A: Outdated translations should not be used.

Q: +1
A: Banned.

Q: How can people go to Soul Cairn. What about needing to be undead or soulless? LORE UNFRIENDLY! IMMERSION RUINED!
A: You are misinformed about Elder Scrolls lore. An Apprentice Imperial Battlemage was able enter the Soul Cairn in 3E 398 during the events of
The Elder Scrolls: Battlespire. This Apprentice did not need to be undead, nor did they need to sacrifice anything.

Q: My Soul Husks don't count
A: You probably have a mod like caco installed, which breaks any quest by replacing the original Soul Husk item with some alchemy version as soon as it enters your inventory. You can fix this by either uninstalling caco or finding the option to disable this feature in its MCM.
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