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Port of Nuska's mod to SSE.
A total aesthetic but lore-adherent revamp of the elf races of Skyrim - makes elves' facial features less pointy and provides a choice over brow ridges or not. Comes with new nose and lip morphs and custom normal maps. Works with all body, skin and hair mods and vanilla Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

If you're running a custom version of this mod that you ported yourself, do not use the ESL version. Never turn a plugin into an ESL mid game.
You can however install the NPC Version, which is not an ESL, but requires you to uninstall previous versions of the mod.

Ethereal Elven Overhaul is a comprehensive revamp of the elf races of Skyrim. It alters every aspect of their facial features to a more appealing look, while remaining faithful to the original work and striving for realism. EEO also affects every elven NPC in the game and comes with new presets.

has no npc edits
NPC VERSION - is not an ESL, but contains facegen for every elven NPC in the game.

All my mod assets are also modder's resources. As I've built practically everything in my works from vanilla, any art asset from any mod that I've released (even ones that aren't currently up) can be used without needing to ask my specific permission. Please credit me for it if you release something though!

Mod translations and user patches can also be freely made and distributed and you don't need to even ask.


EEO is compatible with all body, skin and hair mods that would affect vanilla elves alike. The provided screenshots attempt to emulate a vanilla look with the mod, and your end results will slightly vary according to which skin you have in place. EEO provides its own normal maps that cannot be overwritten by custom skin mods.

EEO makes a large number of changes to the elves' appearances:

  • New racial head shape for each race and gender
  • New, EEO-exclusive nose and lip morphs for both genders
  • Unique high-detail, high-resolution normal map for each race and gender
  • Unique war paints and skin tints for each race
  • Beards, scars fit to the new head shapes
  • Fixed gap on woodelf ears - BUGFIX from original mod.
  • Every elf NPC has new, refined facial features. This feature is only available in the NPC VERSION.


  • This mod is based on the VANILLA HEAD. Therefore it is not highpoly. When switching to a highpoly head, your elves will revert to vanilla style faces.
  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HIGPOLY BEARDS or SCARS that replace the vanilla beards and scars.



I've always been a big fan of EEO, and it saddens me to see no ports to SSE survived, despite it being a modders resource.

So here is a basic version of the mod. I decided to make 2 versions, one only for player character, and its ESL,compatible with any NPC replacer mod.
Another one is NPC REPLACER + PLAYER which is not possible to turn into an ESL (due to the amount of NPCs included being over 800)

It is a free to use modder's resurces, and all you need to do to use this mod in your own projects, is give credits to the people involved, especially nuska.

This is an easy to install Elven Races glow-up mod, perfect for peple who do not want to install thousands of gigabytes of mods to get a decent lookign elven character.


A patch for compatibility with Lucid Skin is available, sue to that mod changing the neck area of the characters.
It'll work fine with all the other skin mods.