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Fixes the bug where bound cloaks in Frostfall are instantly dispelled when cast outside

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This is a simple ESL-flagged ESP which fixes the Frostfall bug where bound cloak spells are instantly dispelled when cast outside.

To achieve this, I used SSEEdit to remove the "_Frost_BoundCloakRemoveScript" entirely from the armor items "_Frost_Cloak_BoundLessor" and "_Frost_Cloak_BoundGreater." This prevents a script from being triggered which is designed to dispel the magic effect and destroy the cloak if the cloak is unequipped.

Removing that script introduces a new bug where the bound cloak can be dropped on the ground or transferred to a container. In order to prevent that from happening, I made the bound cloak item invisible in the inventory by removing the item names from the "FULL - Name" field. This makes the cloak fully invisible within the player inventory, preventing it from being dropped. When the magic effect duration expires, the script to delete all bound cloaks from the player inventory still takes effect as expected.

The only possible bug that can occur with this fix will happen if you cast a bound cloak spell, then equip a normal cloak, and then remove the normal cloak and attempt to re-cast bound cloak before the effect has ended. In this case the bound cloak will not appear, and you must simply wait for the effect to expire. You can then cast another bound cloak normally. The bound cloak will also not be equipped if you are already wearing a normal cloak when you cast it. Under normal circumstances, if you are using the bound cloak spell and not carrying or equipping a regular cloak, none of this will matter.

I have also edited the magic effect descriptions to remove the line, "unequip to dispel," since that mechanic no longer applies. Overall, this is much more functional, and should allow you to rely on bound cloaks once again.