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A plugin for mo2 that correctly implements bsa extraction without corrupting all of your texture files.

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The built in bsa extractor for MO2 is well known to corrupt random DDS textures if you ever use it. For example, if you've ever encountered the dreaded Create2DTexture crash from Fallout 4, then there's a 95% chance it's because you extracted an archive using MO2. This plugin reimplements the functionality, but correctly this time. No more corrupted textures.


  • Why publish this plugin and not just PR the MO2 project?
    • bleh
  • What does MO2 even do wrong that you couldn't just fix it?
    • who knows
  • This broke my game, deleted my save, and delivered clothes unto my Serana!
    • yes i specifically programmed that in, thank you for noticing
  • Sauce?
  • This FAQ wasn't helpful at all, why don't you answer my questions? >:(
    • faq machine broke