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A city expansion that enhances the Markarth horizon. ESL flagged

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Did you ever think to yourself that Markarth was not as grand and majestic as you hoped?

We were all led to believe that the Dwemer were pioneers in engineering and master builders however the city came up a bit lacklustre for my taste.

This mod seeks to address this by adding in some logical structures to the surrounding mountainside to give you a heightened sense of awe and fantasy.

I took on a lot of inspiration from LOTR much like Bethesda did with Whiterun and Riften. More specifically Erebor, the Dwarven Kingdom as well as the Forgotten cities in the White Mountains. Fantasy Warhammer was also a strong influence.

Dwarven manors 

Two cliffside manors have been built into the third level of Markarth's mountain. Reserved for the elite and nobility to look down upon the citizenry. They add a heightened degree of verticality when walking through the city.

Keep Dam & Mountaintop torches 

A dwarven fortification built to hold back the mountain waterway and cast an imposing sight for all to see. Mountaintop torches cast a light in the night.

Watermill and Aqueduct

A feat of advanced engineering moving water from deep within the misty mountain long distances to fuel the forge.

1. This is purely a scenery addition which combines existing objects using the current vanilla markarth in-game assets. These assets do not combine seamlessly so there will be gaps if you inspect really closely. You will not be able to tell from a distance.

2. It does not make any NPC/quest/Gameplay edits so is very lightweight and has minimal performance cost. Mileage will of course vary depending on your rig and mod count.

3. This makes cell edits to the Markarth worldspace so DO NOT ESLify this plugin, it needs to remain an ESP.  

4. Markarth texture mods will affect the buildings here as well. I used Noble Skyrim in my screenshots as my personal preference but others should work fine as well. 

5. No prebuilt LODs so you will not see this outside the city wall. I will likely revisit this in future.

6. Place low in your load order to ensure priority

7. Recommend a new game especially with cell edits. Load mid-game at your own risk

JK's Skyrim is fully compatible
Markarth Outskirts is fully compatible
Dawn of Skyrim, Lux Orbis and Markarth Side fully compatible - load after this mod
Deadly Shadows for JK's skyrim requires minor patch
Open Cities - with Patch by IskanderNexus

Not Compatible
Markarth City Entrance overhaul
Ultimate Markarth


Simply click and download with your preferred mod manager.


Manual installation to the Skyrim data folder

Possible Future Plans

-Interior cell additions
-Possible quest and NPC additions
-Exterior Visibility