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Pray Talos the Mighty, Talos the Peacekeeper!!!
So rise up! Rise up, children of the Empire! Rise up, Stormcloaks! Embrace the word of mighty Talos, he who is both man and Divine!

Permissions and credits
A statue replacer for Talos. It has been made with fun in mind. So yep, it's maybe not very lore compatible, but anyway, it give a fresh view to change a bit of the old statue, until better :) Feel free to use.

Install/Uninstall :
There's no script, so it should be safe to install/uninstall during mid game.
There's a patch included, but it's just to adjust some objects positions (in Riften and Whiterun statue places). 

Credits :
The model comes from, it's a true statue model of St. John the Baptist, : 
"Statue of St. John with book and lamb at the baroque Stations of the Cross in Heiligenkreuz. The sandstone figures there were made from 1731 onwards.
John the Baptist was a Jewish preacher of repentance who appeared in Galilee and Judea around 28 AD. He worked in Palestinian Judaism and also had followers in the Jewish Diaspora. John the Baptist is one of the most important saints of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. He is considered the last and greatest of the prophets, the Adventist forerunner of Jesus and the model of the ascetic."

Tools used :
- Blender (for the optimization)
- Gimp (for some texture correction)
- NifUtilsSuite (for adding collision)
- SSE NIF Optimizer (for collision too)
- NifSkope (for the nif)
- Outfit Studio (for obj to nif, and some UV correction)
- ShaderMap 4 (but without good success in the normal texture generation, for now)
- AMD GPU MeshMapper 1.2 (for the normal texture generation, with better success than with ShaderMap 4)
- SSE Edit (for the patch)
- Texconv (for the dds)
- hmm... I think that's all...