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A Skyrim Children Overhaul Mod

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This is a comprehensive, standalone children overhaul mod. I'm guessing from how the kids were implemented in Skyrim that Bethesda either 1) did NOT want to include children and were forced into it by popular demand, or 2) they just hate kids. As evidence, take a look at the meshes. They are built in the identical fashion as the monsters and beasts in the game. Small wonder they look like clones - they ARE clones. The goal for this mod was to make children that look like they would belong in a modern DX11 or 12 game - by using high quality meshes and textures to update this old game engine.

All donation points generated by your download of this mod goes 100% to the Wildlife Conservation Society


Standalone children replacer mod - all children and clothing replaced, nothing else needed
Custom Racemenu generated faces
Custom (nevernude) body meshes and textures
Custom clothing reflecting the status of the children (Common x 5, Fine, Blacksmith, Merchant, Miner, Skaal)
USSEP fixes incorporated
Fixes errors in base children NPC records not covered by USSEP
Form 44 esp, cleaned with SSEEdit, no ITMs, errors or base form deletes of any kind, files are archived to minimize the mod footprint.
No potatoes

The mod comes in two main versions


Default children and clothes replacer ONLY


The battles in Skyrim have caused plenty of suffering, and was particularly hard on the children. The orphanage in Riften is overflowing. But the citizens of Skyrim have opened up their homes to orphaned children until they can find a permanent adopted home. Will you be a kind and loving adopted parent, or will you be an evil Count Olaf, after them for their (in some cases substantial) inheritance? Plus, you know all those hostile characters in the game? They now occasionally have kids with them. This game is all about difficult moral decisions, now you have a new one. YOU decide how to deal with a kid that wants to stick a knife in you.

- Adds new children for you to discover throughout Skyrim, friendly and hostile
- New children have distinct daily routines through multiple ai packages per child
- Custom voiced child follower dialogue
- New children races added (Boy/Girl - Dark Elf, High Elf, Wood Elf, Snow Elf, Orc, Khajiit, Argonian)
- Additional funny "Easter egg" children hidden away (it wouldn't be a TTR mod without them, would it?)
- The new children are integrated into the game in various locations where it makes sense
- Additional new clothing and armor that reflects the status and location of the children
- Stylishly dressed new girl vendor in Solitude that sells exclusively children items
- Purchased clothing can be given as a gift to your child
- Child armor vendor in Whiterun


The follower ability gets added when you get force greeted by your child AFTER adoption. If you run around and adopt a bunch of kids without meeting them at home individually FIRST, the Hearthfires scripting can get out of sync and you might not get the dialogue on one or more of the children, and thus they won't follow you. Can't be fixed, go back to an earlier save or use console commands. I provide an optional console command batch file in the download section for your convenience, which can be used on any child.

The Hearthfires scripting is glitchy in the base game, and occasionally a kid will get stuck at the location you adopted them at and won't immediately go to the new home. If they don't show up, go back to where you left them and talk to them again. They then will go to their new home.

When you adopt a child, you have to decide if you want them to have custom clothes of your choosing or use armor as a follower. The Hearthfires clothing gifts will prevent your child from wearing the armors. In other words, if you want your child to adventure with you in an armor, do NOT change their default clothes by giving them a clothing gift. The armors are meant to be given when your child is in follower mode. Like any other follower in Skyrim, they will auto-equip their best armor when you ask them to follow you, and should switch back to clothing when you dismiss them and leave the cell they are in.


Hearthfire Multiple Adoption needs a patch. Look in the optional files section. Tested and verified with 6 kids. Load order used was TKAA, Multikid mod, TKAA Patch. The kids take their time getting to the new home - be patient.
Any mod that modifies RelationshipAdoption_FGInitialTopic or the script byohrelationshipadoptionchildscript.pex will also need a patch
Compatible with USSEP, but not a requirement.

Note: Everything is packed in the Bethesda Archive format (bsa). IF YOU INSTALL OTHER MODS THAT HAVE THE DEFAULT CHILDREN
EXTRACTED AS LOOSE FILES YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES, INCLUDING CTD. I supply as an option the loose facegen files if you need a solution for this. DO NOT OPEN THIS MOD IN THE CREATION KIT UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED MODDER. The 64 bit CK automatically generates new facegen files when you do this and you WILL have issues. If you need to make changes use THIS


I highly recommend using NMM. This mod should be low in your load order, and after mods that modify children, or you risk getting dark heads. See the paragraph above about other mods that modify the children in loose files format, as loose files overwrite archived files, no matter the load order.


Skyrim Special Edition, with all DLCs enabled.


RaceMenu by Expired
Dimonized UNP Body by dimon99
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Adorable Face by lumina
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
Ruby Red Vampire Eyes by achintyagk
BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
Brows by Hvergelmir
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
KS Hairdos Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic and Shockero
Pretty Khajiit by tktk
Feminine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard) by MONSTERraider
Khajiit leopard body texture for UNP BASE body by Nerevar22g
Warpaint Makeup for Human Females Vanilla Replacer by The Ex Maverik
Wizard Hats by sirwho
Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit for UNP by Backsteppo
Jarek - The Custom Voiced Skeleton Necromancer Follower by iMACobra
Dovahkinder Collection - Additional Children Clothes by jackknifelee
Dovahkinder Complete Mod by clarota
Universal Race Scale Remover by Abbalovesyou

Modified externally sourced clothing and armor from - Kanrax2/Halo, Daywalker, en_hawk (Skykids), COTS, Pretty Witches. Additional hair from HS hair, Oblivion Hair Pack and SGHair 268. Black cat model and texture by Hissa. This mod wouldn't exist without the people listed above sharing their work, so please support them. Huge thanks and a tip of the helmet to ALL.

This mod has a lot of moving parts. If I missed anyone I sincerely apologize, please let me know so I can correct the credits.


This mod has open permissions, credit would be nice.


Chinese Version by mxlyly