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Implements Lawless' bandits and scaling systems to Bruma bandits, as well as fixes numerous bugs

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Bruma uses its own collection of bandits in order to utilize the new voices, weapons, and armors introduced in the mod. This approach does wonders for building immersion and providing a unique experience for the region. Unfortunately, this means that many enemy overhauls don't directly affect Bruma enemies in the same way they they do vanilla enemies. This mod is designed to implement all of the features from my bandit overhaul, Lawless , directly into Bruma's bandits.


All of Skyrim's mainland bandit enemies introduced in Lawless can now be found within Bruma. Every single bandit enemy has been built from the ground up to specifically use Bruma's voices, weapons, and armor. Bandits will now follow Lawless' scaling system for both regular enemies and bosses, and all mainland bandit archetype variants can be found in Bruma.

Overall bandit gear progression matches Lawless' system, but incorporates Bruma's unique weapons and armor to replace appropriate vanilla pieces. Archetype specific aesthetic differences remain intact from Lawless, as well as the new bandit gold systems.

Numerous bugs associated with Bruma's bandits, including incorrect templates, mismatching leveled list scaling, incorrect classes, etc etc, have all been corrected.


This mod should be safe to install at any point before traveling to Bruma. I do not recommend uninstalling this at any time during a playthrough, and will be unable to provide any troubleshooting assistance if you decide to do so.

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