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Now buy whatever merchants have on display.

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I can't believe that this mod didn't exist yet, but I couldn't find it on the Nexus or on

I am going to make a (few) patch(es) which makes the mod work with store overhauls or new stores. If you have a suggestion, let me know before
the end of tomorrow :)

With this mod, you can buy items that are on display in stores.
You can still take/steal items like normal, if you sneak.
You can buy items like weapons, potions and food, and some harvestables like elves ears.
All gold you spend is added to the merchant's inventory, and if you
befriended the merchant, you don't have to pay for items you would
normally be able to take.
Almost all merchants, inns and marketstalls work, but only items that are clearly on display are
buyable. Items that are behind the counter or inside display cases are
not for sale. Because many magic merchants don't really have things on
display, they don't have directly buyable items.

If I forgot items (I had to select them by hand) or places, please let me know. I'll add them.

- all locations are set up
- you don't pay for items that you could normally take. You still get the 'buy' prompt, but don't pay anything.

- The items that you can buy are hand-picked and thus make sense, but take a long time to set up
- The book is no longer needed. The perk is added immediately.
- The price is now better than before, but still doesn't take magic
effects into account (enchantments, potions, spells and blessings) that
change your speech.
- You can buy items from inns, including the room you can rent
- You can buy from market stalls
- You can buy hanging elves ears, frost mirriam, garlic, pheasants, rabbits and salmon.
- Gold you spend is added to the merchant's chest
- Stores that I set up are:
All locations in windhelm, except Wuunferth
All locations in falkreath, except Lod's shop (as he has nothing on display)
All locations in Solitude, exept Sybille Stentor
The Four Shield Tavern in Dragonsbridge
The Traumathurgist's Hut in Morthal
All locations in Riverwood
- You can now buy more things. I noticed that for example dartwings were not buyable. They are now.
- You can buy things in inns
- The price you have to pay decreases with the Haggling perks
- The file is now available for Skyrim (Oldrim):
- The stores now have an increased restocking rate
- Some items (like gold coins) are no longer for sale

- The name of the item is no longer visible.
- The displayed price is not the price you actually pay.
- Magic effects that reduce prices are not taken into account

Igotnousername gave me tips and suggestions, so thanks a lot for that!

Making your store mod compatible:
Place an x-marker in the store and link all displayed items to that x-marker
using the keyword 'MerchantItem' for items and 'MerchantFlora' for flora
with a linked ref. Also link the x-marker to the merchant's inventory
chest using the 'MerchantChest' keyword. (they are all keywords this mod introduces, so this mod is a requirement)