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TWD Zombie Apocalypse adds Creation Club Plague of the Dead zombie spawns all across the surface of Skyrim to make it more like a real zombie apocalypse.

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"In Skyrim, when the sun falls, the dead rise! Beat back the zombie hordes, and retrieve valuable Mort Flesh." - Creation Club

Zombie hordes? Where??? And we've all seen the Walking Dead and know that zombies don't JUST come out at night (c'mon Creation Club get with it).


This mod is a bit of fun for those who are patiently waiting for the real zombie apocalypse to arrive (which is probably not long away now). The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse spawns the Creation Club Plague of the Dead zombie types across all of the surface of the Skyrim landscape. No other modifications have been made, everything is original vanilla assets and yes you will need the Creation Club Plague of the Dead mod as a requirement.

Now for those wondering this mod is TOTALLY LORE FRIENDLY and 100% IMMERSIVE okay, all it just means is that the Plague of the Dead got out of control somewhat. So NOW you can create your own Skyrim version character Orc Rick Grimes, Redguard Michonne, Darryl the Wood Elf or Carol the Agronian, etc... (or whoever, you get the idea). Arm yourself with a silver weapon (Silver Sword Merchants), a few turn undead and fire spells and you will likely make for a half decent zombie hunter while you journey about in your usual Skyrim quests.

Try not to let zombies gather together in a horde (however big that is) as they will attack guards, bandits, soldiers and thalmor (this may be a good thing or a not so good thing) but will probably fight side-by-side with other undead types. They will also likely mess up townfolk and wandering NPCs if they are brought too close (especially the high level zombie types).

Zombies don't drop anything too amazing but they are a great source of Mort Flesh. So if you have an alchemist build who specializes in poisons this might be of interest to you (be warned it could get kinda gross carrying around all that Mort Flesh, not sure Lydia will appreciate the smell).

Exactly the same as the original spawn mod but the Creation Club zombies have no longer wield weapons and fight more like your would expect

Zombies will spawn in plains, marshes, forests, mountains, canyons and coasts, even the Skyrim cold will not stop them (but they won't spawn indoors or dungeons etc).

The zombies use the ambient (rabbit, fox), prey (deer, elk) and predator (skeever, wolf, etc) spawn lists. All original ambient, prey and predator spawns are all carried forward and will still continue to spawn, just less often as they have to compete with the chance of the zombie spawns also (and zombies WILL attack all animals and creatures that spawn in the same area together - just like you'd expect in a zombie apocalypse).


All zombies are hostile and will respawn in due course. When you no longer want zombies in game just disable/uninstall the mod. Best to install at the start of a new game or before exploring areas of Skyrim to allow the mod to spawn before vanilla spawns appear. Otherwise install the mod and give the game a chance to spawn them.

Zombie spawns from level 1
Foul Zombie spawns from level 5
Putrid Zombie spawns from level 13
Malignant Zombie spawns from level 21
Relentless Zombie spawns from level 30
Dread Zombie spawns from level 40

All of the above zombie types are carried forward in the spawn lists and will continue to spawn with predominance spawn chance towards the highest level types available.


OPTIONAL MOD VERSION: The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Unarmed. Exactly the same as the original spawn mod but the Creation Club zombies no longer wield weapons and fight more like your would expect zombies (see gaming screenshots). If a weapon is available a zombie may pick it up (unsure).


Any problems, issues or funny encounters feel free to post in the comments section and will do best to resolve anything able to. Free free to post up game play screen capture images. Have fun.