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This is designed to restore the attribute systems of Morrowind and Oblivion as faithfully and seamlessly as is reasonably possible. The changes are integrated into the world to provide a classic elder scrolls rpg experience with a modern makeover.

Permissions and credits
Classic Elder Scrolls Attributes

For a more comprehensive and in-depth overhaul of Skyrim gameplay, with an eye towards classic elder scrolls mechanics at every turn, try my overhaul mod, Skyrim Unlimited!


The return of classic elder scrolls attributes, with a free range character development twist!

Latest Update: 1.17
Exciting News!
-By popular demand and in the spirit of classic elder scrolls attribute dynamics, every time you gain a level, you can increase the attributes you want to specialize in. A lot of people have been lamenting the fact this was absent in an otherwise awesome mod about Classic Elder Scrolls Attributes, including me, and now its here! Use the new 'Choose Attribute' lesser power to increase an attribute by three points, and you can do this for three attributes for every level you gain. Luck is the only exception to this rule: it can be increased by one point per level. It is now possible to get any attribute except luck all the way up to 200 points when you put your attribute points into raising it after every level increase. Luck can be raised to 100. You will also still get the passive attribute growth dynamics from skills that affect their governing attributes.

-Even though your intrinsic attributes can not exceed 200 in most cases, and 100 for luck, every attribute can naturally still be increased beyond those limits through enchantments, and there is no hard limit for how high your 'modded' value of any attribute can get.

-If you are already using CESA on a game save you intend to load up and use, you MUST start a new game in order to get the new lesser power, or load this on a save that does not have CESA loaded on its mod list. There is no way to avoid this issue when I add powers to the player or make changes to core scripts. These kinds of changes to the mod are normally rare and it is likely a new game will not be necessary for most future releases. ATTEMPTING TO USE THIS VERSION OF THE MOD ON A CURRENT GAME SAVE WHICH IS USING AN OLDER VERSION OF CESA IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

What this does:

    This mod reintroduces the basic attributes of Strength, Endurance, Agility, Speed, Intelligence, Willpower, Personality, and Luck into the game. I believe this system makes the game more interesting, challenging and truer to the classic Elder Scrolls style. This mod is similar in purpose to the Third Era Attributes mod by Faulgor, however that mod uses an entirely different system of scripts, has overpowered issues with the attribute bonuses, uses an actor value that is no longer supported in the current Skyrim version (essentially breaking part of the mod), and ultimately the progression system of the attributes tended to lock you in to a particular class too harshly. I designed CESA to provide much needed depth to the character progression system, but with only the most appropriate, balanced and integrated changes to the system used by vanilla Skyrim. Furthermore, you will not be penalized by choosing to raise one or two particular attributes at the expense of other attributes falling behind: your attributes grow with your skills, and you can increase them after every level you gain, so you can play how you like.

This is compatible with ALMOST EVERYTHING. VERY FEW edits to vanilla content have been made in this mod.

     Attributes make the game much deeper and more involved, primarily by providing bonuses that reward you for training skills that are more closely related within each class. The attributes in CESA are automatically and continually calculated by scripts using your base skill values and your choices of attributes when you use the 'Choose Attributes' lesser power after every level up. For example, when you increase your one handed skill sufficiently or when you select strength after your level up, you will increase your strength attribute. Strength then affects how much you can carry and how much damage all of your melee weapons deal. As a result, there is synergy in using combat skills, and the same can be said of magic and sneak skills. Most passive attribute increases occur after gaining levels.

  Each attribute provides totally new ways to improve your character. The new method of increasing the attributes of life, stamina, magicka and carry weight will provide an interesting new challenge that should be familiar to veterans of the classic elder scrolls games. While you can still increase them during the level up event, your endurance, intelligence, and agility attributes have equally powerful effects on them. Your maximum life is enhanced by your endurance attribute, maximum magicka is enhanced by your intelligence attribute, maximum stamina is enhanced by your agility attribute, and carry weight improves with your strength attribute. This will encourage you, the player, to take advantage of skill synergies and play more closely within the bounds of the roles intended by the warrior, sneak, and mage classes. Do you want to be a warrior with high life and stamina, a mage with high magicka and fast magicka regeneration, or a sneak with extreme agility and speed? Of course you can still be a jack-of-all-trades, but now there are interesting trade offs to consider in being dedicated to one path, or perhaps a hybrid of two. Who doesn't want a longer, more interesting set of challenges in their next play through? The choice is yours.

Stamina regeneration and Magicka regeneration have been nerfed somewhat, but can potentially become much faster if you focus on the right skills and attributes. I am not a fan of instantly being good at every thing at level 1, but I do believe strongly in rewarding a particular play style if you stick with it. If you want to regenerate magicka quickly, focus on destruction, alteration and restoration skills to raise your willpower quickly. The other magic skills will help as well, but not as much as the other three. Better stamina regeneration is harder to get, so you'll want to focus more on stamina enchantments and agility enchantments at the beginning. If you focus on raising your agility, endurance, and speed, you'll raise your stamina regeneration quickly as well. If you use combat mods like Wildcat, I recommend using the 'lite' version of CESA, which features no edits to stamina regeneration.

    You will get a notification in the upper left side of the screen every time an attribute increases, including health, stamina, magicka and carry weight. Each attribute's current level can be viewed in the active magic effects tab of the magic menu. There are enchanted rings that will now appear in loot and merchant's inventories that will increase your attributes. These rings are disenchantable and you can put the enchantments on any type of armor or jewelry.

Here is a breakdown of what every attribute does:

        Carry Weight (10 x strength)
        melee weapon damage
        unarmed damage
        1/3 stamina regeneration

        Health (5 x endurance)
        1/3 stamina regeneration

        walking and running speed
        melee weapon speed
        ranged weapon draw speed

        stamina (5 x agility)
        ranged weapon damage
        1/3 stamina regeneration

        Magicka (5 x intelligence)
        enchantment potency
        potion potency

        Magicka regeneration
        spell durations
        potion effect durations

        persuasion success
        intimidation success
        vendor prices
        player reputation
        bribery cost

        critical hit chances of weapons
        critical hit damage


Skyrim Special Edition


    This should be compatible with almost everything. The only thing I can think of that wouldn't work is using this with a mod that also edits the base values of health, magicka, stamina, carry weight,  or any of the regeneration rates of those values. A 'lite' version is available which contains no edits to stamina regeneration. Also, the actor values mentioned below should be left only for my mod to use, or trouble will ensue. This mod will work with any current save. It will never decrease your life, magicka, stamina or carry weight values after installation.

My advice before installing: As with all mods, if you're going to install this with a current game save, do not delete that save. Just in case you don't like the mod, you can go back to the unaltered save.

Anything that uses the following actor values will conflict with this mod:
    FavorActive                  ->    Strength
    FavorsPerDay                ->    Endurance
    FavorsPerDayTimer       ->   Intelligence
    FavorPointsBonus          ->        Willpower
    LastBribedIntimidated   ->        Agility
    LastFlattered                ->        Speed
    Fame                            ->        Personality
    Infamy                          ->        Luck
    JumpingBonus               ->        Base Intelligence

Finally, if you're using a mod that changes the enchanted ring leveled lists, be sure to use something like a bashed patch to merge the leveled lists. Enchanted ring leveled lists are the ONLY vanilla records that are affected by this mod.

Things on the horizon

I will not be doing compatibility patches for this mod, since most of my modding time will be spent on my overhaul mod, Skyrim Unlimited:


Please be considerate and do not ask for patches or changes to this mod, unless in the form of bug reports, which are quite welcome.

   1. This mod comes in a standard 7z file that will require a utility like peazip to open.
   2. Once unzipped, drop the esp and bsa files into your /data folder of the skyrim directory.
   3. Enable the mod through the startup menu or in a utility like wrye bash.
   4. Enjoy!


   Disable or delete the esp and bsa files. Reinstallation of the mod after uninstalling is NOT recommended, as it has been reported to not work correctly, and this is likely due to orphaned scripts after the first install.

If you enjoy the mod, please endorse! If you find bugs, please tell me!