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Adds a heat distortion effect to the lava meshes. NO Esp

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I made this little mod that adds a heat distortion effect to lava meshes. Watch the short video ( Highly recommended )

  • No ESP, easy and risk-free to install/uninstall it anytime.
  • Add heat distortion on Lava for Skyrim DCL1, Creation Club Lava Meshes, and for the mods that use them.
  • Version classic for all or version for PraedythXVI Lava conflict mod => Praedy's repository - SE. ( Choose only one Main File )
  • ENB Light optional files, only for the lava column and circle ( For better performance ).  If you want the full ENB Light version you will find it on TheBlackKnight3000 mod.
  • Vanilla Lava Upscaled texture

This effect is almost impossible to show you in screenshot so I made a small video... This is my first time doing video editing, so sorry if the quality is bad or the effects are ugly. x')

The video does not take into account v01.0.1 with the Upscaled texture

Enjoy !


Load order

- PraedythXVI Lava
- Hot Lava - Heat Distortion - PraedythXVI

OR If you use another texture than PraedythXVI, place my mod before.

- Hot Lava - Heat Distortion
- Another Lava Texture mod


Settings / Adjustments

Whether the effect is too strong or not strong enough. ( Depend if you use ENB or not )

With Nifskope, click on the "BStriShape" added by this mod, expand => click on the "BSLightingShaderProperty".
Go to the line "Refraction Strength" and change the numeric value.
0 is the minimum, 1 is the maximum.
Example: you find that the effect is not strong enough => default value is 0.10 => increase it to 0.20 and try in game.


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