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A variety of tweaks to werewolves including the reintroduction of the Sanies Lupinus disease to Skyrim.

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Lupinus is a relatively new werewolf overhaul that aims to fill the gaps of vanilla Skyrim, in my personal opinion. This isn't something huge like Moonlight Tales. It's actually designed to work closely alongside MTSE and other werewolf mods as well as integrate seamlessly into the vanilla game. I want people to mostly know that these are personal tweaks that I figured would appear better in game and are in no way, shape, or form supposed to represent what Skyrim lore or what people are supposed to see.

Xbox One Version
MTSE x Lupinus Patch for Xbox


One thing I've found mostly annoying in regards to werewolves in Skyrim is that they're nonexistent. Why is it that there are no werewolves running free in the wilds alongside the rest of the creatures in Skyrim? I've attempted to fix this issue by adding werewolf spawns in random locations throughout the Skyrim map so there is a chance that you will come in contact with one on your adventures. This might make for a change of pace alongside the other tweaks in this mod.


One thing that I really wanted was a more dynamic Skyrim in regards to the werewolves in it. I got this inspiration from SkyTEST Realistic Animals & Predators with how their creatures actually go out and hunt for a meal at random times of the day. I've implemented this into the werewolves by creating their own custom AI to do just that. Now, the werewolves will hunt in the night (and kill anything in their path) while doing it. This also makes it so they are not always in the same spot and you won't be able to go and find them by being given a specific location. At least, not as quick. 


This was one of the first things I changed in vanilla Skyrim. Why the hell is my werewolf running so slow?! In scary movies, werewolves are seen as blurs that are barely visible to be seen. They are Hircine's chosen beasts of the hunt for crying out loud. They should be able to travel at a much faster pace and cover more distance while hunting in the night. This is especially fun to use during MTSE's full moons. 


This was the biggest beast of them all to me. This is my first mod where I've delved into the other world known as Papyrus. I saw that the OG Moonlight Tales had this capability but was a little upset when I realized it wasn't available for SSE. I waited for awhile to see if others would come up with this mod and so far no luck. So I figured, why not? You can now be infected by werewolves with the disease which will ultimately result in the player becoming a werewolf. By the way, the player can infect others as well. Watch those claws.


In an attempt to make the werewolves a bit more challenging given their natural occurrence, I've made a few tweaks to the werewolves combat. Nothing huge as I didn't want to cause compatibility issues with other mods.

Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Compatible!
Unlimited Werewolf Transformations - Compatible!
Advanced Skyrim Overhaul a.k.a. Nature of the Beast II - Compatible!

I highly recommend the following mods if you would like a true werewolf experience. All of them have been tested as compatible with Lupinus:

Moonlight Tales Special Edition
Unlimited Werewolf Transformations
Advanced Skyrim Overhaul a.k.a. Nature of the Beast II - Amazing mod! This mod is highly underrated for all that it does for beast races.
Diverse Werewolves Collection
Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul (recommend only using the sounds as MTSE already offers the textures)
Werewolf Beast Run Animation - You will have to update the hxk animation files for it to work with SSE.

Recommend installing using a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer. If you're going to install manually just extract the files and paste them into your Data folder.

MAKE SURE TO LOAD LUPINUS AFTER MOONLIGHT TALES otherwise the Sanies Lupinus disease system won't work.

This planned to be an all werewolf tweak mod without actually focusing on a single aspect as a specific overhaul. I've had a ton of different ideas in regards to werewolf tweaks and with luck I can plan to incoporate them all into Lupinus. Here's what I have planned so far:

- New werewolf animations (similar to beast run animation listed above)
- Fun hotkeys for useless things like allowing the PC's werewolf eyes to be toggled on and off while in human form
- Lesser powers available for human form such as increased speed and carry weight
- Force change at 10% health to werewolf form (MTSE already has this but at a lower percentage, I believe)
- Just howl!

Technically, this isn't my first mod ever considering I created one a few weeks back that removed all map markers from the Skyrim map. However, I would like to consider this my first real mod because it involved an extremely difficult learning process with scripts and understanding the CK. Even after this I have a much better understanding of how scripts work and how to navigate through the Creation Kit. But I could not have done this without the amazing community and resources available. So thank you all, so very much. I look forward to sticking around the modding community for some time and helping build new and better quality mods in the future.

Because this is my first mod, please be gentle with criticism! Give feedback rather than straight hate. It ain't cool, yo.

Peace. :)